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I recently spoke to someone who I have known for a few years, and they mentioned that my tarot articles were “interesting” but also said something along the lines of “I don’t want to read about how “The Tower will destroy me.” And my heart fell out of my chest. I have tarot readers who try to be positive, but people around them still complain. The tarot reader then wonders why they don’t have any clients left – because no one wants to read about how The Tower will destroy them.

So I decided it was time for a post about tarot and sleep.

Tarot Can Help With Insomnia

People always complain about not being able to sleep. Or people with insomnia (a condition where you do not feel refreshed after sleeping) tell me they would love tarot to help them sleep. I know that it is because tarot helped me deal with my insomnia once upon a time. When you struggle with mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression, you can battle with insomnia, according to WebMD as well. But for now, I will share some of the tarot spreads that can help you when you have trouble sleeping.

From there, tarot readers will hopefully be able to use tarot to conquer their sleep problems – or at least learn how tarot can help them when they have a client seeking assistance for this issue.

The thing about insomnia is that it is often because of stress.

So tarot can help.

But tarot also takes time to work – sometimes, you need a one-time tarot reading, and some nights, tarot readings need to be worked on for some time.

I think we all know someone who needs tarot sleep help. So here is the post: how tarot can help you sleep and help you conquer insomnia.

I will start with the tarot spreads because I think starting with tarot spreads is helpful, then move into tarot tips that I learned in my years of tarot experience.

These tarot sleep tips might work for anybody looking to use tarot reading and tarot spreads to go to sleep. It can also help you conquer insomnia. Try out the following spread.

The Good Night’s Sleep Spread

The tarot spread is what I call The Good Night’s Sleep Spread.

This is a six-card spread where two cards go on top, and the first two cards represent why you are having sleep problems. Then in the middle, three cards will represent the cards that can help you end your sleep problems. Then the last card at the bottom will show you what may be stopping you from improving your sleep.

For example, if you pull the Eight of Pentacles and Nine of Swords for the top two cards, you are worrying too much (Nine of Swords) about your work situation (Eight of Pentacles). Therefore, you struggle to sleep because you cannot stop worrying and thinking about work. So now, what can help you solve your sleep problems?

The following three cards you pull will help you solve the sleep issue. The first card you draw is the Hierophant, which means listening to what sleep experts tell you to clean your sleep hygiene and other tips. The second card you pull is the Nine of Cups, which means why not make a gratitude list each night before going to bed; then, the Magician may tell you to create a new bedtime routine to help you sleep.

Now, what about the card you pull at the bottom? You pull the Devil, and that means there could be an addiction of some sort that is getting into the way of your sleep. Are you obsessively thinking about something or someone? Or are you consuming too much sugar, alcohol, or caffeine? Are you addicted to those things? That is what you need to look at to help improve your sleep.

That is one tarot spread that may work for you. If not, you can always try the next one.

The Celtic Cross Spread

The following tarot spread is the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread, a 10-card spread. That spread is not one that I particularly like because it does not resonate with me. But some people like it, and if it works for them, that is important. Here is more information about the Celtic Cross spread.

That tarot reading can be helpful for people who have a hard time falling asleep – because tarot puts the client to sleep by tarot-magically finding out what is blocking them from sleeping. It takes time to learn that spread, and once you understand it, you can gain a lot of insight from it. However, if the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread is not one that you resonate with either, there is one more you can try.

Three-Card Tarot Sleep Spread

The last spread I will share with you here is a simple three-card “Tarot Sleep” spread. That is the most straightforward tarot spread. And if you are someone who tarot reads for people who want something simple, then this tarot spread is for you. The first card will represent what the overall energy has been of your day, the second card will show you what challenged you during the day, and the last card will represent what helped you throughout the day.

The same type of three-card spread represents the past, present, and future.

Now, let’s go over an example of this spread. The first card you pull is Ace of Swords, which means you had a clear mind that helped you with your overall energy. However, the second card was the Seven of Cups. That meant dealing with so many distractions, or you were presented with too many options, which put your brain into overdrive. That was your challenge. And the third card represented what helped you, and that would be Temperance, which meant you took your time processing your thoughts but still felt unsettled, which is why you wanted to do this spread before bed.

Once you finish processing your thoughts with the help of this tarot spread, then you will be able to find yourself going to sleep better. However, if you are still struggling to sleep and clean your sleep hygiene, you need to see your doctor to refer you to a sleep specialist. Something else might be going on.

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