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When you do your tarot readings, you have this card that keeps showing up… like a bad penny. And it does not matter whether you do the tarot reading for yourself or someone else. That particular tarot card follows you no matter what. You may have attempted to meditate on it, journal it, or ask questions in your tarot community. However, the card doesn’t leave you alone even after getting all the answers. That type of card is known as the stalker card.

What Is Relevant About The Stalker Tarot Card?

A stalker tarot card has a self-explanatory meaning. It is a card that keeps stalking you, and you may find it taunting you, but the truth is, a tarot card may keep showing up in your readings, whether you read for yourself or others, that it is offering an important message. Sure, the stalker card may not be overly relevant to you when you read for others as it has a message for the querent. However, that card still shows up anyway for you as the reader.

You usually stop seeing the stalker card once you figure out what message it is trying to send you. I was a mess when I realized how traumatized I was almost two years ago during one of the COVID-19 lockdowns. After that, I was a feral mess. Then, of course, the Tower kept stalking me. So, of course, all I thought was that the crap would keep hitting the fan in my presence in unexpected ways. By the way, it did. So I figured I was doomed. It wasn’t lovely.

However, the message was clear, and I got it in a calmer state. If I did not get the right help for my issues, I would keep facing destructive situations, with me being the cause without realizing it. The Tower then stopped stalking me when I started going back to therapy (reluctantly, I will add, yes, I was pretty feral).

My Recent Stalker Has Happened For Unknown Reasons

But here is the thing. I have been getting another stalker lately, and I can’t quite figure it out. I keep getting the Emperor; sometimes, it is upright, and other times it has been reversed. I know that because of my trauma, I was stuck in a perpetual fawn response which turned me into an echoist. After I did the unthinkable  (to society, anyway), I broke out of it, so I started saying “no” a lot more, respecting my boundaries, and speaking out. So I don’t believe I need any lessons in how to be my own leader and how to set boundaries, and how to create order (yes, my room is a mess, but I am developing self-discipline by slowly organizing it, so I don’t need the Emperor breathing down my neck for that).

However, there is the thing. Someone was talking about stalker cards recently, and they mentioned that the card kept coming up because it is relevant to their past life. Okay, that is interesting. I am due to go for a past life regression as there are some things I want to know. But I have to say, based on what I know, it does resonate, especially how the Emperor occasionally goes reversed.

Why The Stalker Tarot Card Can Reflect Your Past Life

The thing is. Lately, I have been pondering how such an old soul (well, I suppose I am an older mature soul, the idea of ever coming back here makes me sick, but I guess that is up to my soul, not my ego) I am that was thrown into a place with a bunch of new baby souls. New souls pick up your sensitivities and differences and will prey on them. Older souls also have more complicated lives and deal with trauma, but you never plan your traumas before you are born!

I believe you come into the world knowing that you have lessons; some lessons are big ones, and you know there is a risk of trauma, but you don’t plan the trauma! That is an act of misuse of free will by others and you being caught in the fire. So many mediums disguise their victim-shaming ways as telling victims and survivors of bullying or abuse that they planned it! And the sad thing is, so many people lap it up!

However, I know that my entire life during the Victorian times, I was highly narcissistic and looked down on less fortunate others. I shamed people. And I abused my power as a wealthy woman who ordered maids around in the mansion or estate home in England.

So guess what? In this life, I was the ultimate outcast, the bullied one, with many social stigmas attached. I had to feel what others felt, the ones I abused in that life. I get it. I think it is sad that so many people say I am amazing for being kind to others, considering that I did not receive a lot of kindness in my life. Well, I have said many times that everyone is accountable for their behavior and actions, regardless of the type of trauma they endured. I am not so “amazing.” I am trying to balance karma here.

So I suppose the Emperor has been stalking me (in reverse at times) because it was a reminder that I was in a place of power in an abusive way in a previous life. And I also did not have any power as a helpless echoist for a long time in this life. But now, I am reclaiming my power, so there it is. I hope I have figured this out; I will not see the Emperor so much!

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