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When you are practicing reading the tarot, you may incline to practice on stuffed animals or toys (usually stuffed animals since many adults have them whether they want to admit it or not) if you cannot find practice buddies (they are easy to find as all you need to do to join some tarot groups on Facebook). However, what kind of results will you receive if you decide to practice your tarot reading skills on plushies?

The Results From Doing Tarot Readings On Plush Toys

How can you get anything when doing a tarot reading on an inanimate object? Well, you can. Yes, you can do an insightful tarot reading on a stuffed animal. But what will the toy get from the reading since it is inanimate? Here is the surprising thing about that. It is not that the reading will mean anything to the toy because it cannot know what you are talking about since it is inanimate. There is no soul in it.

Reading someone’s toy, even if it is yours, can be relevant because when you do a tarot reading for a toy, you are reading the owner’s energies. For example, if you are going through a difficult time but are doing everything you can to hang on, the cards pulled for you will reflect that. However, if you do a reading on one of your stuffed animals and pull the Nine of Wands and Strength, for instance, that means you are pulling everything you have within to keep your head above water and win. How is it possible for a plushie to do that?

Therefore, that reading reflects what you are enduring, and you pulled that for the plushie because your energies are on the stuffed animal. It is your item, and it is not a surprise it would be picking up your energies. A tarot reading for your plushie may not be overly precise. The results might be muddy because the tarot is being read for your plushie instead of for you.

Tarot Readings For Plushies Is Similar To Psychometry

If you do not know psychometry, it is psychically picking up energies by touching an object. Have you ever gone to a psychic who could intuitively pick up the energies by touching an object? For example, the psychic told you to give them something of yours so they could sense everything about you and your life. Then you decided to provide them with your keys. The psychic would feel every part of your keys as they close their eyes and begin to tell you anything they sense about you, your past, present, and what could potentially happen in your future. That is psychometry, and doing a tarot reading for an inanimate object would be similar.

Doing A Tarot Reading For Any Inanimate Object Would Count

You could do a tarot reading for your or anyone else’s possessions. You could do a reading on a sofa, a chair, a bed, soap, and anything imaginable. It all boils down to who has been spreading their energy on these objects. And if multiple people own one thing, the tarot reading done for the object would bring out a mish-mash of insight that may not be clear.

For example, you live with two roommates, and all of you own a sofa. You and your roommates split the cost of the couch, and you all sit on there at different times. If you do a reading for that sofa, you will end up with cards representing various energies of other people combined. So, for example, if you do a reading for that sofa and pull the Devil, it does not mean that the couch has addictions, loves luxury, and has an obsessive nature.

It could represent that the energies combined between you and your roommates may project that. For example, if you are constantly stressing over how much money you are making, as the cost of living is very high, you could transfer that energy to the sofa. Additionally, say if one of your roommates recently sat on the couch and indulged in eating an entire box of chocolates, that energy would rub off to it too. And then, finally, your other roommate is obsessively looking for a date, which would all spell the Devil. And if you own something yourself and do a reading for that object, you are doing a reading for yourself.

Remember One Thing If You Practice Doing Tarot Readings On Your Plushies

If you want to practice getting better at reading tarot and decide to do a reading for your stuffed animals, you will do a practice reading for yourself. The reading will not be as straightforward either. So while reading for your stuffed animals may seem cute, since you know this, you are better off doing a practice reading for yourself. You will also get much more precise answers.

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