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Most of the time, when I give clients tarot readings, they accept what I give them, and they resonate with the reading and can understand predicted outcomes if they choose to take a particular path. However, once in a great while, some fussy clients are unhappy with your tarot reading and will not accept what you tell them. Yes, you want to please your client, and after all, they paid you for a reading because they believed that you would be the one who could provide them with something they want, whether hope or insight. That is troubling, but you know, as a reader, you do your best.

Accept That Some Clients Won’t Accept Your Tarot Card Readings

Unfortunately, when a client does not accept your tarot card reading, you will start to doubt yourself as a reader. Think about something. If you have had 100 tarot readings over several months, and 99 of those clients you read for are happy, but there is that one that has expressed their dissatisfaction over your reading, it hurts!

You have done everything you could to explain to that client that the reading showed what is shown, the insight they asked for or the outcome that you predicted based on a particular path they are on, and they cannot accept it. What are you going to do? Let’s go over some scenarios that you may encounter. There is one reason a client may not believe your tarot reading. You know why the client is unhappy with your reading, and you will learn how to handle it.

The Tarot Reading Does Not Resonate With The Client

Sometimes your client cannot relate to anything you are telling them about the reading. For example, perhaps the cards show something the client cannot grasp because it is too abstract. And there are times that perhaps you may not understand what the cards say. And that can be embarrassing as you are the tarot reader! However, even the best tarot readers get stumped occasionally.

If this situation happens, you need to be honest with the client. It would be best if you told them that you don’t understand the message the cards are giving, and it is much better than trying to conjure up something that you don’t understand, and the client does not understand. If you tell your client that you are stumped, which can happen from time to time, they will respect you for being honest. The following scenario, unfortunately, is more challenging to handle.

The Client Is In Denial

Unfortunately, there will be times when you will do a tarot reading for a client, presenting the news they do not want to hear. For example, perhaps you said something the client does not want to face or talk about with you, and when they booked the reading with you, they did not even consider that you could dig into something about them that they would not want you to know. Or, maybe they thought initially they would be ready to face what you were examining through your reading, and it got too uncomfortable for them. Therefore, they did not want to listen anymore.

The best thing you can do is stop the reading. If the client does not want to hear what you have to tell them through your reading, then you cannot do anything about it. Instead, you can ask them if they want you to keep going. If they tell you to keep going anyway (maybe some parts of them want to hear what you have to say), warn them that you will likely bring up other things that may not make them happy. However, if they tell you to stop, then you must listen to them and stop. Tell them that you are sorry that you cannot help them. Another very frustrating reason the client does not want to believe your tarot card reading.

The Client Does Not Want To Accept The Predicted Outcome

Here is one of the most common reasons a client will not believe your tarot card reading. Clients often come to you for a reading because they may think you will tell them something they want to hear. It is always a good idea to put a disclaimer on your website or, however you are advertising the services that you will give your clients what they need to hear, which may not always be what they want to hear. However, how will you help them if you always tell them that their outcome will be positive (unfortunately, many tarot readers and psychics do this)?

For example, let’s talk about a client who hires you to do a tarot reading for them about a job they applied to, and they are praying and hoping they will get it. However, they will not accept that news if the outcome does not look positive. Therefore, that can make them tell you that you were wrong.

That is one of the most challenging aspects of doing a tarot reading. There will be many times you will deliver predicted outcomes that are not the desired ones for clients. That is especially if they are overly attached to the outcome. What do you do in that kind of situation? You need to soften the blow and find a positive spin on it. For example, you could say in that situation that the job appears not to seem the right one for the client. Tell them that you are very sorry about delivering that disappointing news. However, the positive spin you can put on there is that there is a job waiting for them. It is not that one! And you could even say that the one meant for them is better.

My rule of thumb (it may not be yours as you are free to do what you choose) is if the client is incredibly unhappy with the reading, give them a refund. That way, they cannot dispute your credibility. Unfortunately, it happens. It sucks, but it is part of being in the tarot business.

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