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If you are a tarot reader, you may believe that whoever asks you for a tarot reading, you need to give it to them. However, I cannot tell you how many times I have imagined an old school bully or someone I believe could be a flying monkey of an enemy asking me for a reading. I imagined that if that happened, I would have to say no. Fortunately, that has not happened, and it may not happen! I hope it never happens. But that would be a time to decline to give a reading.

It Is Powerful To Say ‘No’ When It Comes To Tarot Readings

The good news is, you do not only need to decline saying ‘no’ to anyone who you do not like that asks for a reading. You can refuse to give a tarot reading to anyone who asks whom you get a bad vibe from because if you are not comfortable with giving a reading to someone who gives off lousy energy, how will that be helpful? How will it help you, and how will you be able to help the individual who you read?

Someone who gives off a bad vibe is not necessarily a bad person per se, but their energies may not mesh with yours. Chemistry is essential for clients who come to you for readings. Pay attention to that. Don’t think about the money you will not take because you refuse to give someone a reading.

Trusting Your Intuition Is More Important Than Taking Someone’s Money

You may be hesitant to refuse to give someone you do not get a good vibe from because you may think of it as leaving money on the table. But here is the thing. If you don’t listen to the intuition screaming at you not to read for a particular person and agree to give them a tarot reading because you want their money, you are not honoring yourself and your energy. You are disrespecting yourself! You are also putting yourself into the “lack mindset” because you do not believe you can get the right clients from other sources. Therefore, if someone who gives off bad vibes asks you for reading, pay attention to your intuition and give a hardcore “no.”

Give Tarot Readings To Those Who You Mesh With

You must give tarot readings to those you connect with well and those who give off much better energy. However, you may find that some who even give off good energy may not be the right fit for you. And once again, you have to pay attention to your intuition.

Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings about giving that person a tarot reading. Does it make you feel icky when you think about giving that person a reading? Does it make you feel uncomfortable? Does it make you feel even a bit sick? You are a tarot reader and are in tune with the Universe and its messages to you. And if you are a tarot reader, you always work with your intuition and even psychic abilities. Therefore, if you do not like the way it feels when someone asks you for a reading, you are doing yourself a disservice by agreeing to do it if your intuition is yelling at you not even to consider it!

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