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You need to know what questions to ask when dealing with tarot cards, whether you want to ask a tarot reader or do a reading for yourself. There are no mysterious forces when it comes to working with tarot cards

The ability to read tarot cards comes from knowing how the cards work and practicing reading them. There’s no connection between the cards and enlightenment. Tarot cards do not have any power, as the person in control is the person asking the questions. Therefore, it is the querent who has the power. Let’s discuss tarot card work before discussing what questions to ask during a reading. 

Tarot Cards: How They Work

It has been traditional to use tarot cards for predictions, growth, and insight for centuries. Witches also use them to cast spells. A common belief about tarot cards is that you are born with a spirit guide that guides you to ask the tarot reader what to ask. Accordingly, the tarot reader is believed to be the conduit between the querent and the spirit guide. In some ways, that spirit guide may be considered an angel. 

In reality, most tarot readers believe that when they shuffle the cards, they use their intuition to stop mixing and pull the cards that provide guidance. However, as the Universe spends messages, sometimes cards fall out during shuffling. To conduct a tarot reading for yourself or someone else, you need to know how tarot cards work. 

Reading Preparation Steps

Even though your perceptions will be skewed, you can still do a tarot reading for yourself. In most cases, you don’t need to prepare for a tarot reading for someone else because you are emotionally detached from their situation unless it is a close relative or friend. Then you will have to prepare their reading the same way you would prepare your own. 

To start, light a candle to rid yourself of negative energy and allow positive energy to flow into your life. It is a good idea to use a white candle. Also, you should not eat two to three hours before the reading to remain as clear-minded as possible. On the other hand, do not allow yourself to be hungry, either. You’ll also want to shower to cleanse yourself and clean the area where you’ll be laying the cards. Once you have prepared a list of questions to ask the cards, you can begin reading them. 

What kind of questions should you ask? Now let’s discuss the nature of the questions to ask the tarot cards, and we’ll get into the meat of this article. 

Tarot Questions: What Are The Best Types?

Asking practical questions is essential for getting the answers you need as clearly as possible. Asking specific questions is better than asking ambiguous or abstract questions. For example, you should avoid asking, “will I have a good trip?” when planning a trip because what does that mean to the cards? There is too much ambiguity in that statement. Instead, ask yourself, “what will make me happy about this trip?”. 

It is also essential to ask questions that are considered positive rather than negative. For example, when you break up with someone you no longer love, you don’t want to ask, “When will my partner break up with me?”. That’s what you want, but you don’t want it to be negative. You can instead tell the cards, “I feel as if my relationship is over, so is there any way I can end it without hurting my partner?”. In that way, you are stating what you want and trying to make the breakup as easy as possible for your partner. 

Furthermore, you should not ask the cards the same question repeatedly; otherwise, you will not get meaningful results. When you need insight, only ask the cards. Tarot readings require a stable state of mind as well. 

Tarot Readings Require That Your Mood Be Stable

Tarot cards are the best read when your mood is stable. Your reading will reflect your mood if you are depressed or fluctuate wildly. The tarot cards will reflect your mood; you don’t want that to happen. Otherwise, you’ll get a negative and depressing reading. It is, therefore, best to avoid readings when you are feeling low. Likewise, it is not a good idea to consult with a tarot reader or psychic for a reading because the cards will reflect the mood, and you won’t get an accurate reading. 

Whether you’re reading for yourself or someone else or getting a psychic or tarot reading from a reader, you should remove prejudices and inflexible beliefs and improve your mental state. Furthermore, you shouldn’t consult tarot cards for malicious purposes. Next, let’s look at examples of tarot reading questions. 

Tarot Reading Questions: What Should You Ask?

Now you know what to do before reading the tarot cards or asking for a reading. You learn to ask specific questions, not generic ones. You can ask questions about relationships, family, career, or any other subject you wish to gain insight into. 

For example, if you are doing a reading or getting a reading about your relationship, you can ask questions like “what can I do to get closer to my partner?” or “how can I improve my relationship with my mate?”, “Is there a reason for me to believe that I will not be staying in my current relationship?” If you have doubts.

Ask the cards, “Is there anything I need to do at work to get a promotion or raise?” or “What do I need to do before I start looking for a new job?” if you want a tarot reading about your career or a career you want. You see that you need to ask specific questions. Keeping ethical considerations in mind, let’s discuss what questions you should avoid when reading the tarot. 

Ethics And Tarot

It is essential to keep many things in mind when reading the tarot, all of which have to do with ethics. The suggestion was not to do a reading if malicious intent is present. Even if you don’t, there are some topics to avoid when reading tarot. It is not advisable for tarot readers to do readings on anything not entirely ethical. Pregnancy, medical and health care, life and death, divorce, and investments are all unethical. 

As far as health is concerned, there is something you can do to make it ethical. If you or someone you know has a health condition, consult the cards to see if there are any activities you can do or they can do that can help. Of course, you should consult doctors for that, but the cards can provide insight regarding non-medical and safe activities. 

The steps you need to take before doing a tarot reading are now clear to you, as are the questions you need to ask. Whether you are conducting the reading yourself or someone else is conducting it for you, you know what topics to avoid because of ethics. 

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