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Do you want to know what is in store for Fido or your feline friend? Or, do you want to know what is in store for any of your pets? You can use the tarot to find that out and to help with some problem-solving issues that have to do with your pets. However, if you want to get an accurate reading on your pet, you will have to find a reputable pet psychic that can do tarot readings or use any form of divination that works best for them.

But what about astrology readings? You can do astrology readings on pets, but you have to rectify the time unless you were there when the mother birthed your pet. Therefore, you can do astrology readings on pets if you at least know their date of birth. But it will not be entirely possible to do an astrology reading on a pet you adopted through a shelter or a rescue agency because you will not know their birthday.

But here is the thing. Even if you cannot find a reputable pet psychic, you can do a tarot reading for your pet. Of course, you have to know the meanings of the tarot cards, and you have to trust your intuition, and that is all you need.

Tarot Readings On Pets Is A Great Way To Understand Their Needs

The best thing to do is if you want to do a tarot reading on your pet, you want to ensure that your dog or your cat (or any other pet) is near you so you can get a good reading on their energy. And it does not matter what kind of spread you use, but I will add a tarot spread you can use for your dog or your cat at the end of this article. You will want to be in tune with your pet as you give it the reading, and let’s go over the meaning of the Major Arcana as a whole for your pet.

The Major Arcana And Tarot Readings For Pets

Any card that comes up in the Major Arcana only represents you as the pet parent as animals do not have the maturity or personality for any meaning of the Major Arcana. Therefore, the four Minor Arcana suits and the court cards may be relevant. Therefore, you may want to remove the Major Arcana if you are doing a tarot reading for your pets and only use the Minor Arcana and the court cards. The only exception is to read about your involvement in your pet. Let’s now start with the Wands suit of the Minor Arcana and determine what that could mean.

The Wands Suit In Pet Readings

The Wands suit represents food, and that is because one major thing that your pet is passionate about is eating food. Therefore, if you end up with many Wands in reading for your pet, then there is an issue that has to do with food. Perhaps portions need to be looked at, or maybe even a change of food is necessary. However, before you do anything with it, consult with your dog or cat’s veterinarian, and talk to them about their eating habits or a change of food if necessary. Now, let’s go over the Swords suit.

The Swords Suit In A Pet Reading

When any of the cards in the Sword suit comes up in a reading, it has to do with communication and commands. Dogs are easier to train than cats because they are more eager to please their owners. However, cats respond well to rituals and nonverbal cues, whereas dogs respond to sounds and verbal commands. But if there are a lot of Swords that come up in a pet tarot reading, then it means that maybe you need to change your ways of communicating if you find that is an area. Perhaps your dog is ready to learn new commands. Now, let’s go over the Cups.

The Cups Suit In A Pet Reading

Cups are all about emotions, which can also have to do with their sexuality and socialization. If you had your pet fixed late, they could still have sexual urges as animals need to breed. If you have a lot of cups in a reading, then your feline friend or Fido may have a lot of sexual urges, and that is the time to find other things to distract them. You may want to start socializing with your dog a little more. Now, let’s go over the Pentacles.

The Pentacles Suit In A Pet Reading

Pentacles are about material things, and toys are an important part of your pets’ life. Therefore, if many Pentacles come up in your pet’s reading, you will want to get them more toys or play with them a lot more by using their toys. On the other hand, if you tossed away their dirty old toys, they might miss it as well if a lot of Pentacles come up.  Now, let’s go over the court cards briefly.

The Court Cards In A Pet Reading

Let’s briefly go over the meanings of the court cards in regards to pet tarot readings:

  • Pages – The pages in the readings are all about puppy or kitten play and their interactions with others.
  • Knights – The knights in the readings signify that your pet is quite territorial.
  • Queens – Queens in readings are all about the pet wanting more attention and affection.
  • Kings – Kings in the reading for your pet are all about how they admire you as their master.

Now, let’s go over one pet tarot spread where you can learn more about what your pet needs and wants:

The Pet Tarot Spread

Here is a pet tarot reading. This is what each card represents:

  1. What your pet wants you to know.
  2. The needs that your pet has.
  3. The things that your pet likes.
  4. What your pet does not like.
  5. What your pet wants from you.
  6. The general outlook of your pet.

For example, if the first card that shows up is the Queen of Wands, then your pet wants more affection and treats from you. If the second card is Ace of Swords, then that means your pet needs more stimulation by learning new commands. Finally, if the third card is Six of Pentacles, your pet likes to give your toys to you and wants you to play with them with their toys.

If the fourth card is Knight of Cups, then your dog may not like the dog park or being around other intimidating dogs that mark their territory around them. If the fifth card comes up and you get the Four of Cups, then that means your dog needs more social stimulation from you as they tend to get bored. And when the sixth card comes up, and you get the Nine of Cups, then your dog is happy and the happiest with you.

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