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You are seeing more and more ads online for automated tarot readings, and those seem to be appealing. There are several reasons for that being the case. For one, automated online tarot readings are free, which means you can literally get a free reading which is what people of course want. Secondly, the other reason that automated online tarot readings are appealing is because of the convenience. You can get the reading right then and there and not have to worry about waiting to have a reading with a tarot reader. 

With all of that said, you may be wondering why it is really worth it to even book a reading with a reader if you can have one done right then and there – for free! Well here is the thing. When you get an online automated reading, there is no intuition involved. It only entails digital cards that are randomly chosen without any intuition. Your computer does not have any psychic ability, nor does the website that you are using to do your free automated online tarot reading

Now, based on that, you see why it is important to book a reading with a reputable tarot reader that has psychic ability and can tap into their intuition. After all, the reason you are looking to get a reading is so that you have some insight provided, and a computer cannot do that for you. 

However, since you are aware of that, there are also benefits of doing online tarot readings that are automated as well. First of all, this type of reading is for pure entertainment, and there is nothing wrong with indulging in some entertainment in a healthy way at times. Life does not have to be serious all the time so reading cards online in an automated way is a great source of fun. 

Additionally, you pick random cards online, you are gaining insight from the chosen digital cards. Additionally, even though there is no intuition involved when you do online automated readings, you still may find some words of encouragement by reading what the cards have to deliver. You may even find a parallel to your current concerns that is mysterious when you read the cards. 

And when you are reading digital cards on a frequent basis, you may be actually developing your own intuition. That is because when you read those cards online you are still tapping into your own intuition. As you can see there are some benefits that come out of doing those automated online tarot readings for yourself. And as long as you don’t have the same expectation of the quality of reading you would have with it as you would with a professional reader, there is nothing wrong with it.

In fact, if you know this well and you enjoy doing those automated online readings, then keep doing it. Anything that helps you develop your own intuition, as well as your self-empowerment, is a great thing. If this fun thing does that for you, then keep it up!

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