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Are you into tarot and music, and would you love to see a deck that connects to music? You are in luck because a beautiful creation has been made, which is known as the Music Tarot: Be Guided By The Stars has been created for tarot and music lovers. 

The author is Diana McMahon Collis, a tarot consultant who co-founded the Tarot Association of the British Isles and wrote Tattoo Tarot. The illustrator is Alexandria Hall out of Nashville, TN, and has illustrated for Pandora Music and Disney+. 

This deck includes 78 cards, such as the Major Arcana and the court cards, representing a major musical icon, deceased and living, in every genre with stunning illustrations. The rest of the Minor Arcana is basic and does not include musical stars but has a minimalist approach. I will show you an example soon. 

There is also a booklet with the deck, which will explain the meaning of the cards, and if you are a new tarot reader, it will tell you how to conduct readings. Now, let’s review some examples and illustrations of tarot cards in the deck. 

Empress – Beyonce

The Empress is the most feminine card in the Major Arcana, representing womanhood, motherhood, fertility, nurturing, and creativity. Beyonce likely was given this role because she represents female empowerment and embraces every aspect of her feminine side, as she is also highly creative. So it makes sense. 

Chariot – Jimi Hendrix

The Chariot represents determination and not allowing anything to get in the way of success. And Jimi Hendrix was an icon known to take his guitar career to a new level and did not allow anything or anyone to get in the way of that. He had a tough start at the beginning of his music career, but that did not stop him from going. That showed during his Woodstock performance 1969 when he played The Star-Spangled Banner to crowds. 

Justice – Bruce Springsteen

Justice is all about karma and cause and effect. If you do bad things, eventually, that will catch up with you, even if it takes a while, and vice versa. Since so many bad things happen to good people, they will be rewarded at the right time for their good deeds. Bruce Springsteen depicts this card. The Boss has sung plenty of songs about his good, bad, and ugly stories, illustrating cause and effect. Makes sense. 

Queen of Wands – Stevie Nicks

Like the other queens, the Queen of Wands is reflective, devoted, and active. She cares about the security and foundation of anything. She would be the lady of the manor who is magnetic, charming, and has a strong sense of independence. She would be motivating to others too. The best musician to depict the Queen of Wands is Stevie Nicks, as she possesses those traits, and she has talked about many times in interviews how she owns her power and worth and is highly independent. Those traits shine clearly in her music. 

King of Cups – Sir Elton John

The King of Cups, like the other kings, is a trusted leader and a boss and shows authority. He is responsible, kind, educated, creative, and professional. He also has a poetic and artistic side, and the best musical role for this card is Sir Elton John. He has been said to be supportive, friendly, and opportunist. The King of Cups is also emotionally regulated and knows how to go with the flow, and it has been said that Sir Elton John is the same. He is also a born musician who showed his gift in music at a young age and became an international star at 23. 

Queen of Swords – Aretha Franklin

The Queen of Swords is the truth-teller who may have a cold exterior but has an inner fragile side. She will tell things as they are without worrying about hurting anyone’s feelings. She represents the queen who has been through many hardships that have made her somewhat jaded to the point that she will speak her truth without worrying about hurting anyone’s feelings. The best role for this card is the late Aretha Franklin. Aretha Franklin had a tough childhood and ended up demanding respect as she was tired of being opposed. She was an influential activist who motivated others to stay strong in their convictions because she was a perfect example of someone who did. 

Those are a few examples of the Major Arcana and court cards of the suits of how each musician was perfect for them. What about the numbered cards in the Minor Arcana? That is where the most straightforward approach takes place in this deck. 

The Minor Arcana cards, from the aces to the tens, have the number of whatever the suit represents. For example, the Three of Wands has three wands in the card and nothing else. 

And the Four of Wands would have four wands, and so on. The Cups suit would have the number of cups represented by the number. The Swords suit would have the number of swords represented by the number, and the Pentacles suit would have the number of coins in the cards illustrated by the number. 

The Music Tarot is a mix of musical stars representing each card in the Minor Arcana and the court cards in each suit, in addition to simplicity in the numbered cards in the Minor Arcana. It is an attractive deck, and I am glad to add it to my collection. If you want to get the Music Tarot, you will want to purchase it here, as the cards will be available on August 8th. 

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