Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups

The Nine of Cups (Nine of Ice in the Penguin tarot deck) is the wish card. It means your wishes have come true, or it is the card that represents being content. This is the card that shows up when you are satisfied with something or you are expressing gratitude with something. You are so happy that you are feeling the happiness that is overflowing from your heart for any reason. Maybe you are celebrating some success that you had. Maybe you worked hard for a test and got an A+ for it. Yes, you earned it but you are also ecstatic that you got such a great mark for it. 

Maybe you were given an unexpected raise at work as well which is making you very happy. Maybe you had gotten the job that you had applied for and this was the one job that you had secretly wanted. That is one example where this card shows that a wish came true. It is true that this card is one of those cards in the tarot where it is highly positive.

When the Nine of Cups shows up in reverse, it has several means which are being dissatisfied, or only being happy within and not showing it externally. It can also represent being materialistic and overindulgence.

nine of cups tarot minor arcana

Astrologically this card is linked to Jupiter in Pisces.