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You do realize that no matter how good your tarot reading is, the future cannot be set into stone which is why if you do a tarot spread for the future, the outcome can always change due to free will. Therefore, accuracy can be thrown out the window if you are doing a tarot reading to look into someone’s future. However, when it comes to reading the present or digging into an aspect of yourself or your life, you want to be as accurate as you can. That is possible.

You Can Be Highly Accurate With Your Tarot Readings

Let’s not focus right now on the outcomes in your tarot readings because the free will can influence that. Instead, let’s talk about looking into what is happening within your psyche, the truth about your relationships, career, or any other pressing issue that is happening in your life. Or, if you want to be that highly accurate tarot reader, you will be the one to do readings not only for yourself but for friends and family and if you’re going to provide tarot readings as a service for clients.

The idea of others leaving five-star reviews on social sites for you because you are so accurate with your readings is something that excites you. Finally, that can become a reality. However, achieving such accuracy with your tarot readings is a process. And this process, like any, takes many steps. It is a journey. And as you excel in your tarot journey, your intuition will strengthen too. So let’s talk about how you can improve the accuracy of your readings.

Asking Questions The Right Way Is Key

If you have a question, you want to ask the tarot, pause, and ensure that you are framing it the best way. You want to be as concise as possible because being vague will not help. For example, if you are looking for a partner, don’t shuffle the cards as you ask, “will I have a boy/girlfriend?” You will surely not get an accurate reading based on a vague question like that.

Instead, you can ask the tarot, “Does it appear that I will have a boy/friend by Christmas?” Or you can ask if it will likely happen within the next three weeks. You will get a much better answer if you are more specific with your questions. However, be open to the fact that free will can change that course. However, if you stay focused and believe it will happen as you take steps to ensure it, odds are it will work out. Ensure that your questions are never open-ended. There is another thing you need to do to excel in this craft.

Keep Practicing

You will want to keep practicing your readings, even if you are a professional reader. If you practice daily or at least five times a week, then you will get very good at doing tarot readings. But, you may be thinking that if you are a professional reader, why would you need to practice that you will never offer free readings to anyone unless you run a contest, and the winner gets the freebie? Here is the thing, you don’t need to do that. You can practice with other tarot readers who want to attain the same thing – excellent tarot reading accuracy. But make sure you do not do your practice readings with the same people all the time.

Plenty of Facebook groups, such as Tarot Nerds and Meetup groups, that host tarot practices offer you a place to do practice readings with others. Besides, you get a free reading if you are swapping. That is a win-win.

Read For Different Scenarios

Do you find that your relationship tarot readings are bang on most of the time, but your career readings are not? Unless you only want to specialize in relationship tarot readings, you must practice reading for various scenarios. If you are in a practice group, make it clear that you want to strengthen your reading in a specific area, and those who are interested in getting a reading or swapping one with you will tell you that they are interested.

For example, you are in a tarot practice Facebook group and want to get better at doing career readings since you haven’t done too many of them. Put out a post that you are looking for querents that want to get a career tarot reading, as you need to do that for practice. Others will show interest, guaranteed!

Stick To One Tarot Spread Until You Ace It

There are trillions of tarot spreads, but there is one you need to focus on to ace it so you can deliver accurate readings. Focus on one spread until you are confident enough to move on to another. Do you attempt to ace different spreads simultaneously? Because it will backfire if you do, guaranteed. Besides, you can do many different scenarios with a simple three-card spread! Many professional tarot readers only stick to three-card spreads too. You can also get creative with your spreads after mastering several tarot spreads. Unfortunately, that will take a long time because Rome was not built in a day.

Get Feedback

Ensure that you get client feedback because that is essential for you to know how well you are doing with your readings. If you don’t get feedback, you will not know. But, on the other hand, you will have nothing to base it on, so always ask for feedback at the end of your readings. And yes, expect constructive criticism because that is the only way you will know what you need to improve, even though it can bruise the ego.

When providing accurate readings, you need to be consistent with your practice!

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