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We all have dreams – some are sweet, while others are terrifying, but what we fail to understand is what our dreams mean. Read more here to get insights on your dreams. 

The meaning of our dreams is sometimes apparent, and understanding them may be straightforward. However, some dreams are confusing, leaving many unanswered questions. 

Tarot is a great way to understand your dreams. It involves picking a card that will guide you to what your dream means. 

What Do Our Dreams Mean?

Dreams can have varied meanings, both spiritual and psychological. Dream interpretation is the only way to connect with your subconscious and understand the dream. 

Some spiritual theories suggest that dreaming is a way of connecting with our higher consciousness. In doing so, we receive messages from our respective spirit guides. However, psychologists see dreams as a way to communicate our fears and hidden truths. 

Whether spiritual or psychological, dreams are essential to our lives and, in most cases, guide us in our waking lives. 

Since dreams use imagery and symbolism, we can use tarot spreads to understand their meaning.   

Understand What Your Dream Means Through Tarot Reading

Tarot reading is an effective way of interpreting our dreams. Tarot spreads can link with our soul and subconsciousness to interpret what our dreams mean. If you have an intuitive pull to the tarot reading, your soul is heeding your dream’s message. Below are the various tarot spreads to use for dream interpretation. 

Three-Card Tarot Spread 

The three-card tarot spread is a dream interpretation spread ideal for beginners. It helps interpret the general meaning of a confusing dream. 

Card number one is the cause of the dream. The cause of the dream is what bothers your subconscious. Causes are varied and can be any aspect of your life. They may include your relationship, work, or family life. 

Card number two is the background of the dream. This card reveals the hidden meaning of the dream. Since the meaning is in your subconsciousness, it may take time to understand it. 

Card number three communicates how to deal with the dream or move on. It shows the real-life action you should take in response to the dream’s meaning. 

Three-Card Symbolism Spread 

There are two types of three-card tarot spreads. The first (discussed above) is for general interpretation, while the second is a symbolism spread. This tarot spread is based on the fact that our subconsciousness uses what we experience and see daily to communicate through dreams. Use this card spread if you see a specific symbol more than once in your dreams. 

The first card to pull represents the symbol’s meaning. This card is an actual real-life representation of your dream.

The second card shows your emotions. This card shows your emotions in connection with the symbol and its accurate representation in your subconsciousness.

The third card represents the message. The third card you pull will show you the symbol’s profound message. It reveals what your subconscious communicates through the symbol in your dreams. 

Four-Card Tarot Spread

The four-card tarot spread allows us to interpret our dreams from psychological and spiritual perspectives. 

The first card reveals the cause of the dream. Since it reflects on our daily life experiences and issues, it is easy to understand this card. 

The second card represents the spiritual message. When you pull the second card, you’ll be able to understand the spiritual message or advice your spiritual guides wanted to pass to you through the message. 

The third card represents the psychological message. In this card, you’ll understand the psychological desires and fears linked to your dream. 

The fourth card guides you on how to move forward. Understand the overall message of your dream and what actions to take in response to your dream. 

Five-Card Tarot Spread 

This tarot spread allows us to dive deeper into the hidden meaning of our dreams. 

The first card shows the waking world situation that caused the dream. It may be a single event or situation. 

The second card speaks about your subconsciousness. It reveals your deep fears and desires concerning the situation the first card revealed about the dream.  

The third card reveals the connection between your subconscious and conscious mind. The card links the first and second cards to reveal a deeper understanding of your emotions. Meditate for a while to understand what the card and dreams communicate. 

The fourth card shows the true dream message. This card will reveal what your subconsciousness communicates to you through the dream. 

The fifth card is your dream’s real-life application. It shows you what needs to be done regarding the dream. 

Understanding Dreams 

After dreaming, try recalling the feelings or symbols encountered in the dream. Reflect on your current life situations. Try to link the two to understand what your subconsciousness is trying to communicate to you. Explore tarot deeply for a deep understanding of your dreams. If the dream overwhelms you, seek help from a therapist. 

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