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You feel that you no longer connect to your tarot cards. It happens, as you are not alone in that situation. Sometimes your tarot cards no longer work well for you even after using them for years because the connection has died off. That does happen often. Or, perhaps you got a tarot deck, and you don’t like the vibe, so you don’t know what you can do to get rid of them. That feels like money is in the garbage, but that often happens.

Therefore, you want to see how you can safely dispose of your tarot cards so that you do not worry about repercussions from not getting rid of them in a method that is not safe. First, let’s talk about ways to get rid of your tarot cards if you no longer feel connected to them.

There Are Two Things To Never Do If You Want To Get Rid Of Your Tarot Cards

There are two things never to do when you want to get rid of your tarot cards: throw them out and burn them. Throwing your tarot cards into the garbage can bring you bad luck, as anything so precious as tarot cards should never be tossed away like that. So even if you don’t like the tarot deck that you got, or you have lost your connection with a deck, you do not toss them away.

Also, you do not want to burn your tarot cards, ever. Some practitioners and tarot hobbyists claim that burning the cards is safe, but that is not true. I happen to know someone whose sister burned her tarot cards and ended up having a negative energetic force hanging around her all of the time until she went to a practitioner that was able to detect why the negative power appeared after burning the cards. So now that you know what not to do when removing the cards let’s talk about what you can do to remove your tarot cards safely.

Bury Your Tarot Deck

Many practitioners or tarot hobbyists bury their tarot cards if they no longer want them. They bury them in their backyards or a public park, or anywhere. That is a perfectly safe and honorable way to get rid of the tarot cards, as the cards will return to Mother Earth. However, if you happen to live in an apartment where you don’t have a private back or front yard, and you are afraid you will be fined, or if you don’t like the idea of burying your cards, then there are other ways to remove your cards.

Leave Your Tarot Deck In A Public Place

If you go to a coffee shop by yourself, you can bring your tarot cards with you, and what you can do is when you are finished, leave the cards on the table and leave. That way, someone who is meant to find it will pick them up, as that is one example of what to do if you want to get rid of your tarot cards.

You can also go to a park or the subway station and leave your cards there as someone who is meant to pick them up will find them. You get the idea, as you can leave the tarot deck that you want to part with behind wherever you go. The nice thing about this is that someone will find them and see them as gifts!

Sell Your Tarot Cards

You can always sell your tarot cards on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, or other buy-and-sell platforms. That way, you can sell your cards and make some cash out of them, as there are always people who are ready to buy them. There is nothing wrong with selling your cards, as some tarot hobbyists and practitioners may not be keen on making money off them, but it is perfectly okay to sell your tarot cards for cash. It is a matter of what you are comfortable with doing, and if you don’t want to sell your cards, you can always give them to someone specific as a gift.

Give Your Cards Away As A Gift

If you know someone who likes tarot cards and would love to have a deck, and you no longer want yours, you have the perfect solution for getting rid of your cards. Instead, you can send the deck as a gift to them, and they would be very thankful for it. The above tips mentioned are meant for those who do not know anyone who would want to get tarot cards as a gift or may not want to get rid of their tarot cards this way. There is one more way to get rid of tarot cards safely.

Trade Tarot Decks

You can always trade tarot decks with others if you are looking for new decks to try. There are many Facebook groups for this purpose. Therefore, someone in that group may want to swap their deck with yours, and you may want to try their deck. There are plenty of buy or trade groups all over Facebook and other platforms for tarot and oracle cards.

Therefore, you now know how to safely dispose of the tarot cards that you no longer want to use. That way, there is no negative energy associated with the way you get rid of them if you sell, trade, gift, leave the cards somewhere in public, or if you bury them.

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