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I have the honor of reviewing an astrological oracle deck, What’s in Your Stars: An Astrology Deck for Daily Guidance, created by astrologer Sandra Sitron and illustrated by Celia Jacobs. 

This deck consists of 60 astrological oracle cards, and its purpose is to help you deepen your connection to astrology and sharpen your intuition. You can draw a card for daily guidance or get a personalized reading based on your birth chart. 

You can utilize this deck to gain more guidance on your life, love, work, and well-being. So let’s delve deeper into What’s in Your Stars: An Astrology Deck for Daily Guidance so you know what you will get with it. 

The What’s in Your Stars: An Astrology Deck for Daily Guidance Oracle Deck Set

As mentioned, What’s in Your Stars: An Astrology Deck for Daily Guidance consists of 60 astrological oracle cards that will help you gain a more profound understanding of astrology and can help you sharpen your intuition. 

You will receive cards representing all the zodiac signs, broken into four suits. 

The suits that come with each sign are spirit, material, wisdom, and emotion. Every zodiac sign comes with four cards that belong to it based on the suit. Spirit cards describe the motivation of the sign and offer advice on how to gain inspiration or motivation, as they help you take action. 

Material cards describe how the sign functions in life as you will receive practical advice that fits the sign. You can also get ideas on how to feel more secure in life.

Wisdom cards share the sign’s insights, which will help you gain new perspectives or new ways of thinking when it comes to a situation where you will learn more about the philosophies.  

Finally, emotion cards describe various emotions the sign is known to express, including easier and more challenging feelings. One or both emotions may motivate your situation, regardless of whether it is conscious. 

For example, let’s take a look at the sign of Sagittarius. Here, you can see that sign’s wisdom, spirit, material, and emotion cards.

The wisdom card of Sagittarius points to conviction, and the text on the card says, Forging a sword out of iron: Under extreme heat and pressure, you hammer your ideals and beliefs. The sword is made of the robust material of your values. Don’t let yourself be deterred from your truth. You can interpret the advice in the way that fits you, but I feel like this is a message to set boundaries!

The spirit card of Sagittarius points to freedom, and the text says, Releasing a bird to fly free. A wild bird soars in the air, limited by its wingspan and the weather. Do you need to find bigger adventures or a new life philosophy? Are there limitations on your freedom that need to be acknowledged? This message encourages you to seek ways to break free from limiting beliefs. 

The material card of Sagittarius points to adventure, and the text says Horses gallop through endless fields. Go on a journey – with your mind, body, and spirit. New and different experiences can remind you of your vitality and expose you to fresh perspectives. Move out of your comfort zone and into uncharted territory. Therefore, the advice is to push yourself out of your comfort zone to grow. 

Finally, the emotion card of Sagittarius points to jubilation or restlessness, and the text says A dolphin jumps above the waves. A feeling of jubilation can lift you. There can be exhilaration as you look to move forward. However, a need for movement can sometimes leave you feeling restless. Try to manage your agitation and question why you feel blocked from your progress. Therefore, this card encourages you to explore your emotions and advises you to handle them best. 

As you can see, the sign cards and suits encourage you to explore your perceptions of life experiences. There are also 12 planet cards, including the sun, moon, ascendant, and all of the solar system’s planets, including Chiron. 

The planet cards describe aspects of yourself or your purpose, and when you pull a planet card, you will gain insight into energy to embrace or a method to direct yourself forward. For instance, let’s pull Venus. 

Venus is all about love, as the card says, Laying stepping stones by hand. Love does not have to be instant; it can be cultivated. The stepping-stones to get there are appreciation, trust, tolerance, gentleness, and communication. Connect with yourself who is open-hearted and ready to embrace all life offers. Sometimes, the message from this card is to encourage more self-love, especially if you have been hard on yourself lately. 

What Do You Do With These Cards?

You can do anything with these cards. You can pull a card a day if you like because you will pull a card that will give you the message that you need to hear. There are always synchronicities when it comes to that. 

You can also pull a card for each astrological house in your chart and see what cards fall into each house, as the advice from the cards will be helpful. For instance, if that wisdom Sagittarius card falls into your sixth house, which rules work, health, and service, it may be a message to exert your boundaries more at work, especially if you feel your boss is taking advantage of you. 

You can also pull four cards to represent the four phases of the moon and see what advice you get for the new, first-quarter, full, and last-quarter moon phases. As I said, there are many things you can do with these cards. You can use them for extra insight for tarot readings, too. 

This is a brilliant creation, and if you are looking for ways to gain more of an understanding of astrology to deepen your intuition and gain insight into your life, grab the What’s in Your Stars: An Astrology Deck for Daily Guidance deck. 

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