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If you want to become a good tarot reader, it takes time, and you need to do more than just memorizing the meaning of all 78 of the cards. You need to take steps to deliver the best reading possible which means you will want to take these steps to increase your intuition. Yes, keeping crystals by your side such as the clear quartz can help increase your intuition and the black tourmaline can help banish negativity while you are doing your readings. However, that is not one of the steps I am about to provide in order to increase your chances of delivering one powerful reading. Let’s go over the 6 steps right now so you can achieve that:

1. Create An Environment That Is Peaceful

It is really important that you are doing your readings in an environment that is peaceful. Especially if you are doing so from home as you will want to designate a room to do your readings and to keep it clean as much as you can. Some sage spray will help and visualizing white light energy also can help. If you are reading at a fair or at a coffee shop with a lot of distractions, you will need to keep visualizing that white light or do something that will calm you and ground you so you can deliver a great reading. 

2. Use A Significator Card

This step is not mandatory but it is helpful. The significator card represents the querent which you will want to use from another deck so you don’t take away the cards from the deck you are reading from. The card will represent the individual through the age, the sex, and the element of their sun sign. For instance, if you are reading for a 40-year-old Pisces woman, you will choose the Queen of Cups as the significator card. For more tips on how to select a significator, you will want to read my article on selecting significators. 

3. Create The Right Tarot Spread

There are so many tarot spreads to choose from based on what the question is based on, and you can even create your own if you feel that would help with delivering the best reading. There is no right or wrong spread to use. You tap into your intuition when it comes to choosing the right spread for any reading that you do and sure enough, you will deliver the best reading. 

4. Be Specific With Your Questions

There is no other way to say this but if your questions are too vague, you will end up getting vague answers. In order to get the best reading possible, you must be very specific with the question you are asking. If you want to know if you will have a good trip, don’t just ask if you will have a good trip. Ask if the trip you are taking to the place you are going to (if you are going to New York City, for instance, say that) will give you the relief you are needing from the stress you have been dealing with. Then you will get a clear answer. 

5. Shuffling The Cards

You need to shuffle your cards well in the way that is the most comfortable for you. But it needs to be shuffled well regardless of how you do it. If you have someone else touching your cards, after you are done with your readings, knock on the deck 3 times and blow on it to emove their energies. 

6. Have A Bond With Your Deck

You will deliver the best readings with the deck you are the most comfortable with, and only you will know which ones speak to you. If you don’t like the Rider-Waite deck, then don’t use it. There is no rule saying that you need to use that one or even learn from it. If you are reading from a deck that you are not close to, then you will not deliver the best reading. 

Once you have all of that down, then you can choose whether or not you add crystals to amplify the readings. That is entirely up to you. Good luck with it!

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