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That time of the year has come up, as it is the first one of 2020. Mercury, the planet that rules communication, traveling, transportation, and thinking is heading to retrograde on February 16th until March 10th. It goes backward in Pisces, and on the 4th of March, it heads back into Aquarius. Mercury in Pisces is not a good placement as it is both in its detriment and fall. Logical thinking has been weakened and will be even more so during the retrograde. 

When a planet is retrograde, it appears to be going backward in the zodiac. The energies are weaker as a result externally but are stronger internally. This means you will be facing many annoyances such as: 

  • power outages
  • emails, snail mail, or texts that are not delivered
  • missed messages appointments, and deliveries
  • misunderstandings
  • appliances and vehicles breaking down
  • and what goes wrong will go wrong! So it seems anyway. 

However, intuition and creativity are stronger. Therefore, there are certain things to do when the planet goes backward in the zodiac, and there are things not to do. Let’s talk first about what not to do at this time:

What Not To Do When Mercury Goes Into Retrograde

When the planet of communication and thought go backward, you do not want to:

  • Start new projects
  • Make major decisions
  • Schedule procedures (unless it is an emergency situation)
  • Make big purchases (unless you absolutely need to buy a car if the one you were driving was totaled or completely broke down)
  • Sign new contracts (unless absolutely necessary)
  • Jump to conclusions (that should really not be done at all even when Mercury is direct but the urge is stronger)

In other words, it seems as if you have to put your life on hold since those are major things that need to be done often. Well, yes, you will have to hang in there until the planet goes direct. However, there are things you are encouraged to do during this time.

What To Do When Mercury Goes Into Retrograde

When this planet is going backward, you will want to:

  • Go back to old projects and finish those up
  • Clean and declutter your home, car, or office and become organized
  • Brainstorm ideas for new future projects without taking action as of yet
  • Reviewing everything you put out thoroughly (especially in situations where you have no choice but to schedule a procedure or make a big purchase)
  • Call up an old friend (and old friends will be reaching out to you)
  • Get a psychic reading in order to get some valuable insight into an issue you are dealing with
  • Think everything through carefully
  • Catch up on much-needed sleep

Another thing that Mercury in retrograde is associated with is events that are fated. For instance, if your car breaks down to a point that you cannot drive it anymore, perhaps it was meant to go and for you to get a new car. Even though making big purchases is a no-no during this time – there are exceptions. And it should be noted that making voluntary big purchases is what is a no-no. Therefore, don’t panic if that happens. Because during Mercury in retrograde, shit happens. 

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