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One of the things that new tarot readers are concerned about, understandably so, is how to cleanse the tarot cards. And it is a legitimate concern because mucky energies can leak over to the cards, whether someone else touches them or themselves. So cleansing is necessary, or the readings will be tainted, which is the last thing you will want to see happen.

Additionally, it is true that when you get your first deck, they need to be cleansed before you start using them. And they should be cleaned once a month if you are only using them to read for yourself. They should be cleaned once a week if you are reading for others, but you are the only one touching the cards. And if others are handling the cards, then you need to cleanse them after each reading. But, you are asking, how do you clean them? Is it a necessity to burn sage to cleanse the cards? Is it a necessity to cleanse them with incense? 

The answer to that is no. You absolutely do not have to have to use sage or incense if the idea of that bothers you. Fortunately, there are much simpler ways to cleanse the cards. Let’s go over 5 of those easy ways to do that right now that do not involve the use of burning sage or incense. 


This is the easiest way to cleanse your cards. All you need to do is leave the cards by a window sill during the day to get a lot of sunlight and leave them there all day. It will remove the mucky energy, and they can be used the next day. Just don’t do it on a humid day, or else the cards could be warped. 

Moon Bathing

Just like sunbathing, you can put the cards on the window sill on a night when it is a Full Moon for them to be cleansed. You don’t have to worry about the cards being at the risk of being warped even on hot summer nights. The humidity will go down enough overnight that it will not have an effect. However, it is only the most effective to do this when it is a Full Moon. This is an excellent way for readers that read their cards for themselves only to cleanse them. 

Get A Himalayan Salt Slab

Many readers like the idea of cleansing their decks in a container full of salt, wrapped in saran wrap, or the cards placed in a Ziploc bag, of course. However, the concern over that is that it is a messy way to do it, and the cards can potentially get ruined. The simple solution to this is to get a Himalayan salt slab and put the cards on there. It will have the same effect. 

Use Crystals

Crystals are a great asset when you are doing readings, but it is not necessary either. However, they are great to use for cleansing as well. The crystals to use are clear quartz for cleansing and amplifying intuition, selenite for cleansing and making a connection to the guides, amethyst for the same purpose, and black tourmaline for grounding and taking in negative energy to protect the cards from it. 

Keep in mind, just like the cards, crystals need to be cleaned as well by either sunbathing, moon bathing, or using salt. 

Knocking Or Blowing On The Cards

You can either blow on the cards or knock on them three times as if you were knocking on a door to remove any negative energies. This tactic tarot readers who read for multiple people a day use as they need to keep the cards cleaned in between readings. 

Now you see that you do not need to worry about burning sage or incense to cleanse the cards. Any of these five techniques work wonders too. I know that some readers say visualizing help, such as watching the negative energy fall away. However, my Taurus moon doesn’t feel as if that is enough. That is why any of these five methods I think are more effective. Good luck!

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