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The 7 chakras are the energy points in your body that allow energy to flow within so you can be in good spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health. And if you have a chronic illness whether it is physical or mental, it is important to keep your chakras open so you can function at your best. And even if you are healthy, blocked chakras can cause other problems which are why regardless, you want to keep them open so the energy flows freely to keep you balanced.

You want to eat the right foods to keep your chakras open, but you will also benefit by using the associated crystals for meditation and to carry with you. Let’s go over the chakras and the crystals they represent and that can help keep things flowing:

The Root Chakra – This chakra is for grounding and is at the base of your spine. When this chakra is blocked you will struggle with feelings of insecurity. The color that represents this chakra is red and you want to keep the Red Jasper stone with you as this one will help keep it flowing.

The Sacral Chakra – This one is located in your pelvic region and it is one for creativity and libido. If this one is clogged, you will struggle in these areas. The color that is associated with it is orange, and the Orange Aventurine is the stone for this one.

The Solar Plexus Chakra – This chakra is located in your abdomen area or your solar plexus is the one that rules personal power and confidence. Struggles with both as they go hand in hand is a sign that this chakra is blocked. Yellow is the color that is associated and the crystal to use is the Tiger’s Eye as it is a great confidence booster.

The Heart Chakra – This one is in your heart area, and this is the one that rules love and compassion. If this one is blocked, then you will struggle in those areas and relationships will suffer. The colors associated are green and pink, and either the Green Aventurine or the Rose Quartz will be the crystals to use for keeping this one open.

The Throat Chakra – This is in your neck area and it represents your expression and ability to communicate the truth. If you are struggling with communication then this is blocked. Blue is the color that is associated and this is why if you are struggling with communication, carry with the blue lace agate stone as it is good for this.

The Third Eye Chakra – This is the one that is the most well-known as it is located in between your eyes on our forehead, and this is the one for intuition and thought processes. If you are feeling blockages in either then it may be blocked. The associated color is indigo and the stone to carry around is Lapis Lazuli to help keep it open.

The Crown Chakra – This is the one that is at the crown of your head and it represents connectivity and your spirituality. Disconnection is a sign that there is a blockage. The colors are clear and violet and the best stones to keep with you to keep it open are Amethyst and clear quartz.

It is important as well to cleanse your crystals by putting it by your window sill at night to be cleansed by the moonlight or in a bowl of sea salt overnight. Be sure to replace the salt as it will absorb the energies.

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