Two of Pentacles

Two of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles (Two of Rocks in the Penguin tarot deck) is about managing your time, as well as prioritizing your responsibilities, and you have several priorities to juggle at once as well. It is also a card that represents the need to become adaptable when it comes to juggling different responsibilities

The Ace of Pentacles represented a new opportunity such as a new career opportunity or a change in a healthy habit. In order to keep those well nurtured and cared for, you need to start adding those responsibilities to your responsibility load right now. In fact, what was presented by the Ace of Pentacles is a priority and yes, you do have several priorities to juggle. That is why if you changed a habit for health reasons, you must not slack off as it will be easy to do if you are focusing on your other priorities. That is a new priority to juggle as well. 

Time management skills need to be used for the best as well with several priorities to take care of daily. This means if you must delegate responsibilities that you don’t need to take care of yourself, then it is best to do that even if costs money. Such as hiring someone to run errands or to clean your house while you take care of other priorities. 

When the Two of Pentacles in reverse comes up, then you are just overcommitting yourself to the point you will burn out. It also represents being disorganized, and you are also reprioritizing as well.

two of pentacles minor arcana tarot

Astrologically, this card is tied to Jupiter in Capricorn.