Two of Cups

Two of Cups

The Two of Cups (Two of Ice in the Penguin tarot deck) in the Minor Arcana is the card that represents unified love, an attraction that is mutual, and a partnership. The Ace of Cups is when the feelings for someone or something starts and begins. This card shows that the other feels the same way which is how a partnership started. It can also represent a good strong friendship or partnership as well. 

When the relationship manifests that is indicated by this card, you begin to feel giddy and happy, and it feels just right. You sense the strong connection that is both physical and spiritual. You and your partner are able to bring out the best in one another regardless of what type of relationship it is. It does not just have to refer to new lovers. It can be indicative of a business relationship that connects well and both parties can work very well together which increases the chances for success. When this card comes up, it can also be indicative of a marriage proposal on the way or an engagement. 

When the Two of Cups are in reverse, it is a sign of disharmony between partners or a breakup. It can also be indicative of there not being enough or any trust in the relationship, or being self-centered.

two of cups tarot minor arcana

Astrologically, this card is linked to Venus in Cancer.