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You already know that whenever you meet someone else with the same sun sign as you, your personality is quite different from yours. And if you are that stereotypical bold Aries individual, you will also meet some of your fellow Arians who are more like Pisceans. That means yes, some people who have the Aries sun sign can be passive, introverted, and quiet. 

And, you already know that the reason for that is because your Moon sign, rising sign, and where your planets are placed in your horoscope are what determine who you are and what you are really like. Yes, your sun sign plays a significant role but it is still a fraction of your horoscope which means it only has so much influence. 

The same applies to your Enneagram personality type. For instance, you may be a type 4 which means you are attached to the emo, overly sensitive, and artistic stereotype. However, even though the artistic part may be true as you convey it through writing and not actual art, you are overall quite chill. The same goes for someone who is a type 1 who isn’t so obsessed with perfection and routine. Yes, following the rules and getting it done right may be important to them, but they also have a humorous and light side. That is not what the stereotypical 1 is known for. And this also has nothing to do with wings. 

The reason that your Enneagram type really is not a ‘one size fits all’ type is because you are influenced not just by the subtypes or the instincts (social, self-preservation, and sexual) but you are influenced by your 2 other main types – which is referred to as your Tritype® which was established by Enneagram researcher and coach Katherine Chernick Fauvre.

The way the Tritype® is made up is that you have one dominant type from your body type (1, 8, or 9), heart type (2, 3, or 4), or head type (5, 6, or 7). You cannot have 2 types in your Tritype® that are from the body, heart, or head. It has to be one of each. 

For instance, I am a 459 which means I possess qualities from each of those numbers. Those who have this Tritype are known to be intuitive, knowledgeable, wise, introverted, quite self-aware and reflective. In fact, for those who have this Tritype® need plenty of alone time to recharge because they can be overwhelmed with too many emotions coming in at once. 

And those who have the 459 Tritype® are extremely different from for instance the 468, which is another 4, but this 4 is not so shy, is extremely straightforward, and will be quite reactive. The 459 can be quite moody and will shut you out if they are upset with you. However, the 468 will chew your head off in a heartbeat and will be very direct about it. 

Therefore, just like how it is with you not necessarily meeting all of the characteristics with your sun sign, the same applies to the Enneagram type as well. 



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