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Page Of Cups

Page of Cups

The Page of Cups (Chick of Ice of the Penguin tarot) encourages you to have a curious mind and presents to you that a brand new creative opportunity is coming to you out of nowhere. Or maybe you have a creative idea that comes out of nowhere. You are getting intuitive messages as well as messages of new possibilities around you

Regardless of whether or not the new creative idea was presented to you from another source or you came up with it on your own, will you allow it to come to fruition? The thing with the Pages is that there are so many new ideas that are fitting with the suits they are in, but sometimes they have left as just that, ideas and never turn into anything more. 

For instance, you have a new idea to start writing a novel or start with a creative project such as crafting. And you love the idea, but will you follow through? Sometimes the Page of Cups can also show up after a couple gets married or already has an established family like the idea of a new baby comes up. That is a new creative idea as well. 

When the Page of Cups shows up in reverse, it may represent you doubting the intuitive messages you are getting. It can also represent creative blocks or being immature on an emotional level.

page of cups tarot minor arcana

This card is tied to the water element. 

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