Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords

When the Knight of Swords (Juvenile of Wind in the Penguin tarot deck) shows up, it represents being action-oriented. You are putting your ideas that were represented by the Page of Swords into action as you brainstorm them and narrow it down even further. It represents ambition and a desire and purpose to succeed. This is also a card that represents quick thinking

Knights represent action and in this case, you are so driven to succeed as you have your thoughts mapped out, nothing will stop you from attaining that goal no matter what. You are aware that there will be challenges and blockages that can get into the way, but you confidently know that you can get around it and will create different plans of action to get through it. 

You are determined and ready to accomplish what ideas you want to execute and turn it into a reality. You want to do some planning to make sure it is executed the right way but you don’t want to waste your time on it either. You think quickly and you think of solutions and ideas fast to execute. Just be careful not to be too quick and to think about what you launch out more carefully before acting on it.

When the Knight of Swords comes in reverse, it represents being unfocused with your plan, as well as being impulsive without planning at all. It can represent restlessness as well as burnout.

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Astrologically this card is linked to Taurus and Gemini.