Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles (Juvenile of Rocks in the Penguin tarot) is indicative that you are making plans for the business venture that the Page of Pentacles had presented to you through an idea. You have a focused plan of action to make it work, and you are making your time as productive as you can. This is the card that also represents hard work

You have the goal envisioned and you are choosing a methodical way to go after it. For instance, the Page of Pentacles gave you an idea to open up a pizza parlor of your choice. That was the idea. And you are now at a place, given by the Knight, of working through the logistics. Where will you build the pizza parlor, and what type of pizzas and other foods will your restaurant serve? What long-term vision do you have for it? What about funding? These are the things that you are after and you are working very hard at making this dream work and turn into a reality. 

When the Knight of Pentacles is in reverse, you have your vision, but you may be struggling with self-discipline to make it a reality. Maybe you are bored with the process and this idea is not turning out to be right for you. You may feel quite stuck or have a perfectionist attitude towards the journey which will not get you far. On a positive note, this card may also represent before you turn your idea into a reality, you need to focus on self-improvement before the Knight is upright for you.

knight of pentacles minor arcana tarot

 The signs that this card is tied to are Leo and Virgo.