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lunar eclipse

This Sagittarius Full Moon, which is also known as the Strawberry Moon happening on June 5th is going to feel like a joke being played on us by the Universe. That is because Sagittarius is all about traveling, excitement, and going on new adventures. And given the fact that no one can travel anywhere right now, and there are still many stay-at-home orders implemented in many parts of the world, there is nowhere to go. And even if you can go out and do some things, there are very few places where you can go any way. And the Sagittarius Full Moon is going to give you that urge to want to do all of that.

Therefore, you are going to be feeling very restless and irritable due to this. Let’s add to the fact that this Full Moon is also a lunar eclipse. If you are not sure why there is a big deal about a lunar eclipse, it is because eclipses activate the lunar nodes. The lunar nodes are known as Nodes of Fate which represent the past as well as the future. They are karmic, and wherever the eclipse falls into your chart means the area of your life will be activated. This means major events that are relevant to the sign and house the eclipse falls into will happen as a result of it. For instance, if the eclipse is falling into your first house, you are going to come into a situation where your needs are going to have to come first.

If you have been putting your needs last, you will burn out and make it very clear that it is time to pay attention to your own needs. And yes, it may be dramatic such as you passing out or having a health scare, or you’ll lose your cool with intensity. That is the basic truth about how the lunar eclipse plays into this.

The lunar eclipse will be amplifying the potent effects of the Full Moon. With that being said, that itch to get out and have some fun is going to be strong. And you’re going to have a tough time with it. Let’s also add the fact that Venus is in retrograde in Gemini and is squaring Mars in Pisces in the middle of this. That can bring out some heated arguments with your partners! Especially if they have been stuck at home with you since the beginning of lockdown. Therefore, there is going to be a lot of itching to do something exciting which is challenging. Therefore, there will be a lot of irritability and impatience associated with this Full Moon.

The best thing you can do is tap into your creativity, self-care, and having a celebration with those who you live with (especially if you have been arguing). Have a barbeque, have a feast, indulge in some sweets, and don’t forget to add that relaxing bath with a candle burning in the background in there as well. Write a story. Paint a picture, do something fun even though you can’t travel anywhere to experience it. Your intuition is strong right now as well and pay extra attention to what it is telling you. Good luck with it all!

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