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tarot cards and candle

You may be wondering how tarot cards work. It is not so much how the tarot cards work. It is more of a case of how you work with the tarot cards. And the way you work with the cards is how the cards work and you can make them work for you. There are a number of ways you can work with the cards but at the same time, you also need to practice using them in order to sharpen your intuition. This is why a tarot journal is a good idea to use. Once you get to know the cards, you can find your own purpose for doing readings.

Sometimes readers use the cards to help predict the future. Other times, readers use the cards to gain insight into a current or past situation. Regardless of your purpose for reading tarot cards, this is what happens.

You either take several cards or one card and face them down. Or, you may not face them down. You may put them right-side-up right away. Again that is up to you. The card you pull in order to gain insight into a particular situation is what will stimulate your intuition. By looking at the card, you will see symbols or images in your mind that will give you the answer you are looking for. The cards give you the messages you need to know.

Here is an example. You are wondering how you can improve the marketing of your business, and you pull one card to give you some insight. You pull the Empress card. This is the mothering, creative, and nurturing card. This card could give you an image of something that involves nurturing and creativity. Therefore, the insight you would get into this situation is that perhaps you are not nurturing and being creative enough with your marketing.

This card could tell you that you likely are treating the business more like a hobby and are not making the marketing as a priority. In addition to that, you need to come up with a more creative approach with your marketing which will help improve it.

You can also say that the card you end up pulling (or jumps out at you) is influenced by your Higher Self or your spirit guides. Either way, it is fascinating. But to basically sum up is that the tarot cards are there to give you messages and the insight you need that involves the use of your intuition. But once again, it really depends on how you work with the cards and what purpose you are using them for.

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