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The New Moon in Virgo occurs on the 6th, which is a great time to evaluate your career, health, and lifestyle. Any time you want to change something in any of those areas, you’ll know what to do. It’s the same day that Mars in Virgo forms a trine to Pluto in Capricorn, so you’ll feel that motivational boost from that aspect. This week is off to a great start for you!

At the same time, Venus in Libra and Jupiter in Aquarius makes a conjunction. Consequently, you will feel not only fresh and powerful but also be charming and have a strong desire to socialize. So you can go and have a drink with your colleagues or friends. 

Venus leaves Libra and moves into Scorpio on September 10th. Therefore, you may be jealous of your competitors if you think they are taking your business. It may become an obsession for you, or you may be concerned about your finances as well. Let’s see how the week goes. 

Aries – If you are motivated to quit any bad habits that you may have picked up during the pandemic or elsewhere, you will also be able to motivate others to stay active, eat healthily, and spend time in nature as a result. They will also be more productive at work since you have found that to be true. The Queen of Wands tarot card comes up, which means you are confident in yourself to know that you can help others while you stay clean. 

Taurus – Someone will encourage you to start a new positive habit that can be carried forward at home and work this week. The trick may be a new way to keep negative thoughts at bay or a new addition to the routine that brings more energy. Nonetheless, you will enjoy it and practice it, and you are not easily persuaded. The Sun comes up, which means positivity will help you bring new habits. You can help stave off bad habits if you look at life in a bright but realistic half-full perspective (and realistic is the key because toxic positivity or unrealistic positivity is not cool). 

Gemini – It may be best to avoid family environments this week because toxicity levels are high. It may not always be toxic in your family. Nevertheless, the environment around them may cause you to spend less time with your family and more time with those you trust and like. As a result, you will be less productive and more stressed. The Hermit comes up, which means this is the week where it may be best to spend more time alone to feel peaceful. 

Cancer – In the past year, some relationships have gone sour. Be honest with yourself as to why this happened. Is it really the other person’s fault? You may have been too possessive in certain areas, which could have led to the end of those relationships. What about at work? Is there anyone who avoids you? The week will allow you to discover why you failed in any of your previous relationships, both professional and personal. The Seven of Swords reversed comes up, suggesting self-deception that could have been behind some failed friendships. 

Leo – How much you might want to be in the spotlight this week if you listened to the wise advice you received and let your pride take a back seat, you may have the impact you are hoping for. You may be the focus of attention because of your strong influence on something useful. The King of Wands comes up, which means you have something helpful and influential to deliver, and you will be respected for it. 

Virgo – You will be inspired to be kind and generous this week by the powerful energies in your sign. What you give will be returned to you. For example, please share a professional tip with someone in a polite manner if you have one. Reciprocity will be reciprocated. Similarly, if you are hypercritical of someone, that will also come back to you. Justice comes up, which signifies cause and effect, which is self-explanatory for your forecast for this week. 

Libra – As you know, your focus lately has been on nurturing your professional and personal relationships. You will have no trouble networking and socializing this week. However, you should be aware of one thing that you may struggle with: feelings of envy. You may feel jealous of your colleagues if you hear that a competitor is successful. Don’t let those feelings interfere with your productivity. The Four of cups comes up, warning you that you could miss a great opportunity if you get stuck with the woes. 

Scorpio – You may feel more at ease this week because you might feel that the issues you have faced for a long time now seem normal. Every day, you live with them. As a result, you are calmer and less likely to lash out at someone who stresses you out. Acceptance of life has brought you to an acceptance mindset. Temperance is the card for you that also reminds you to take things one day at a time. 

Sagittarius – You will feel better once you see how some significant undertakings are paying off. As a result, your hard work is beginning to pay off. Perhaps some of your investments are showing good returns as well. Put in more effort than you receive, and you won’t be so frustrated! The Seven of Pentacles reminds you that Rome was not built in a day, but you finally see that. 

Capricorn – There will be more time to spend with family in the week ahead. If there are any conflicts with family members, you will want to resolve them. Please do not allow your grudge to grow against them later in the week and beyond; you do not want that to happen. The Four of Wands comes up, which means you will want to find a reason to celebrate with your family. 

Aquarius – After making the decision, you need to make whatever you are struggling to part with, think about the benefits it will bring rather than the losses it will cause. You will lose productivity and experience pain if you think negatively. The Six of Wands reminds you that you need to part with whatever you need to part with, even though it will be difficult. 

Pisces – Long-range plans may be made, but you may focus on the mistakes and changes you need to make along the way. There’s a good chance you’ll procrastinate if you go there. Make sure you utilize your support system as you plan to make the right decisions at the right time and change as necessary on the way. The Ten of Wands comes up, which means you are at risk for feeling overburdened, so rely on a support system to help you release that. 

Mercury will move into the shadow as it enters retrograde at the beginning of next month in the coming weeks. You might want to release any information within two weeks (unless there are practical reasons not to). When a project is almost finished, you should do it. 


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