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This week begins with the New Moon in Libra on the 6th, which can help build relationships or repair ones damaged by Mercury in retrograde. Therefore, the New Moon provides diplomatic energies, which makes this an excellent time to exchange apologies. On the same day that Pluto turns direct in Capricorn, you will feel compelled to begin changes in your life that you did not start during Pluto’s retrograde period from April to May. 

Venus enters Sagittarius on the 7th, which motivates you to adventure, travel, or try something new. Even though it is work-related, you might not want to focus on the mundane right now. 

On the 8th, the Sun in Libra will conjunct Mars, which can cause you to act in a way that helps to bring peace and harmony. For example, a gesture of apologizing for any wrong you have done can also be motivated by that. 

Mercury conjuncts Mars on the 9th, which can cause you to feel torn between talking and acting. Mars’ power diminishes in Libra because of its detriment, which is also a struggle. 

On October 10th, Saturn will go direct in Aquarius, giving you a sense that you are making progress with your job and responsibilities. So how does your sign fare this week? 

Aries – A challenge awaits you in which you may want to follow your heart, but you may not want to carry your head. Maybe you want to change an aspect of your work or even change jobs. Due to Mercury’s retrograde and the heavy Libra energy, you may be prone to fantasy. For now, it is best to do nothing. The Seven of Cups comes up, which means you could easily fall prey to the shiny object syndrome. It is best to keep away from it. 

Taurus – In this week’s week, you will feel the need to hang out with those who share your interests. If you have exciting things to say, you will probably want to be with your friends, or you’ll have stimulating conversations with colleagues and clients! You are social, but only with people who can challenge your intellectual thinking. In addition, the Three of Cups comes up, showing that you should have a good time with your friends. 

Gemini – You should keep busy during your free time this week. You might be prone to thinking about depressing things when you are not working or spending time with your family. Get busy with hobbies or other activities that will provide you with a positive distraction. It will benefit your mental health. The Four of Cups comes up, meaning that you will quickly grow bored and tired if you do not find a good distraction. 

Cancer – If you take on too much at once, you may not have any time for yourself. In addition to taking on extra work responsibilities, you may also have personal duties, such as taking care of your family. Try to prioritize instead of burning yourself out. The Ten of Wands comes up, a clear message for you to delegate what you do not need to do. 

Leo – Whether you’re frustrated at work or with family, the best thing you can do is laugh about it. It’s nothing to be concerned about. It’s okay to laugh at yourself. It’ll help you cope. The Page of Wands comes up, which is a somewhat humorous card, but it also confirms that you do not want to take yourself too seriously. 

VirgoFor the time being, you may have to give up something you enjoy to be available to do extra work. Do not burn yourself out, however. Work sessions should be interrupted by different breaks. The Hanged Man shows up, which reminds you that sometimes things have to be put on hold for you to take care of other business that is more of a priority. 

Libra – The energy of your sign indicates that you will thrive in creative endeavors this week. You may need to make innovative changes to your website or social media accounts. If you are meeting with colleagues for brainstorming, you will come up with many creative ideas. Embrace the creative energy. The Magician shows up, which is the sign that you are resourceful and innovative. Tap into it. 

Scorpio – You will desire a change in the routine because you feel that life is too monotonous at the moment. Move your desk if you work from home. Take an alternative route to work. You can also change your schedule. The Wheel of Fortune comes up, and it shows there will be a change of pace and a change of luck this week. 

Sagittarius – Now is the time to focus. Let trivial matters go for now. Prioritizing your current responsibilities, whether personal or professional, should be your top priority. Start with the most important projects first, and then you can move on to others. The Two of Pentacles comes up, which is about balancing and prioritizing. 

Capricorn – Because they are hateful, jealous people will try to ruin you. A jealous colleague is an example. Only by being diplomatic and extra friendly will you deal with them in a non-vengeful way. If they see that you aren’t bothered by what they are doing, they will pay less attention. The King of Cups comes up, which is a reminder to take charge of your emotions. 

Aquarius – Maybe you’ll find additional opportunities within your work, or maybe you’ll find a side hustle, but you’ll have to assess them carefully to see if they’re right for you. Mercury is in retrograde, so your thinking may be clouded as well. Keeping on track means ensuring you are going the right way as well. It is not the right opportunity for you if this will lead to that problem. The Emperor comes up, which is a reminder to stay disciplined and stick to order so you can stay on track and par. 

Pisces – Focus on your spiritual side this week to stay centered. Think about your values to determine what’s most important to you. It may be tempting to work too much, but if family time or personal time is going to be compromised, you’ll want to strike a better balance. Spend some time meditating. The Hermit comes up for you, which is a time to pull back and reflect. 

Despite Mercury being retrograde, it will seem as though progress is being made now that two planets have gone direct. Next week, Jupiter will join the other planets going direct, providing benefits for your finances!


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