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It would be best not to believe everything you hear as Venus in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces. Exaggerations are more likely than facts. However, Venus makes a sextile to Jupiter on the 28th, which will boost your charm and even inspire you to make some plans for your business or personal life. 

Mars moves into Scorpio on October 30th, which could cause you to feel more ambitious but to strive for something secretly. Don’t hurt your competition if you want to win. Meanwhile, the Sun will square Saturn in Aquarius, so you may feel that you have more responsibilities and burdens than usual. You may also feel pessimistic or moody in addition to feeling tired and low energy. 

Mercury forms a trine to Jupiter in Aquarius on November 1st, which will be the only time the aspect will be seen for the year. If it is relevant to your situation, you may want to sign contracts or negotiate deals on this day. 

Aries – You should achieve short-term goals to make a lot of progress, and your focus can be laser-clear where you can put a lot of effort and leverage problem-solving skills. This will even help you reach your long-term goals faster. But then, the Ace of Swords comes up, which means you will have moments of clarity which shows that you will have an easy time when it comes to problem-solving. 

Taurus – During this week, you may be reflecting on the bad things that have happened and the problems you have had with others. This can affect your work and cause you to appear tired, causing others to avoid you. Use your punching bag this week if you have one. If you don’t have one, buy one. The Tower comes up, which is not always a card you want to see. You never want to see the Tower, but this is a sign that if you don’t let out your anger and grievances, you will explode, and it will shock you, and others is not a good way. 

Gemini – There could be new projects on the horizon, or new ideas might emerge. If you have a new scheme in mind, now is the time to start brainstorming ideas. You could even write a novel or design a course. Get started now.  The Two of Wands comes up, which means you will be in the planning stage of the new thing you are creating, so not only will you know what you want to do – but you will get to the next step and begin brainstorming. 

Cancer – Even if your responsibility load isn’t heavy, you may feel burdened or overloaded. You may also be under too much pressure. It is essential to evaluate whether you are genuinely overloaded or feeling that way because you feel obligated to do more work. Delegation is the key to getting some relief if you are overburdened. Ten of Wands that have come up for you in the past confirm that you need to delegate if you are overloaded. 

Leo – If you haven’t already, you will learn to laugh at yourself during this time. You may even make a few silly mistakes. However, remember that everyone makes mistakes, and you are a human as well. By laughing at your mistakes, you can relieve stress. Making mistakes is okay. The Page of Wands comes up, a card representing humor, so you will want to laugh at yourself and not take yourself seriously. 

Virgo – As with Gemini, this could be an excellent time to start a new project if you have any ideas. If you do not already have a side hustle, you can become a freelance writer. Adding new ways to make money this week is a good idea if you haven’t already done so. The card that comes up for you is the Hierophant which is a sign to get advice from experts and those who have experience in the side hustle option you want. 

Libra – If you are creative, start a new project this week. There are also opportunities to earn extra cash, or you can create your own if you prefer. You may also have good luck with money this week if you play your cards right. The card that comes up for you is the Ace of Cups which means your creative juices are coming up for you, and utilize them the best way you can. 

Scorpio – This week, spend some time in nature. It will help you clear your mind and find balance. Spending time in nature will help you to balance out some of the stress you have been experiencing. Go to the park and relax. The Hermit comes up, which is a sign that you need to reflect on things by yourself, and doing so in nature is one of the best ways to do it. 

Sagittarius – This week is a good time for you to make the most of your social connections. Although it does not necessarily mean you should expand your network, it is never a bad idea. In addition, when you allow your contacts to assist you with something professional or personal, you will also find that you will do the same for those in your group.  The Three of Cups means you will want to expand your connections for social fun, not just for professional reasons. 

Capricorn – There is a possibility that you are wondering this week if any of your investments are paying off, whether they are investments in funds or marketing investments. Your patience will be tested at this point. The company may be experiencing slow growth, but that does not mean it won’t succeed. So hang in there and trust that everything will work out in the end.  The Seven of Pentacles comes up, which means you are struggling with your patience, but faith that your investments are growing and your efforts are paying off. 

Aquarius – There may be opportunities that will inspire you to make a change. There may be an opportunity for personal growth, or if your career has been unsatisfactory, you may be able to change. Do not disregard any of these opportunities as they may lead you to a better path – or at least, some or one of them may. Judgment comes up, which means you will have an awakening period of some sort this week and be open to changing somewhat after that in some areas. 

Pisces – You will not only be able to relieve the stress from work and family, but you will also be able to stay in touch with your friends who you may have feared drifting away from. The Four of Swords comes up, which means it is essential to take advantage of resting. 

We are now approaching November, so we have some other things to think about. Check back next week for more information! Enjoy your Halloween!

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