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Mercury in Scorpio is conjunct Mars on November 10th, making it a good transit for unraveling truths and mysteries. Thus, that day is the perfect time to observe what your competitors are doing without them knowing. However, it is not a good day to stretch the truth since others will find out. 

Saturn in Aquarius will also square Mars in Scorpio on the same day, making it difficult to express yourself. You also want privacy, but at the same time, you don’t want to be alone. So take your frustrations out on a punching bag or pillow that day. However, it is not a good day to ask people too many personal questions, as they may bite back. 

On November 12th, the Sun in Scorpio makes a trine to Neptune in Pisces. This aspect improves creativity. That is an excellent day to start working on a creative project. You can even create a few fun and captivating TikTok videos to achieve this. You may be tempted to get lost in a fantasy world, so be careful how much you escape. 

On November 13th, Mercury in Scorpio will make an opposition to Uranus in Taurus. Consequently, you will feel the tension in the air caused by the unexpected news that can either be upsetting or exhilarating. No matter what kind of news you receive on that day, you need to use your problem-solving skills. You don’t want to overthink anything on this day. It will make your anxiety worse. Let’s see how the signs do this week.

Aries – Due to your ruler being in a difficult position that will affect you for much of the week, it is an excellent time to work alone and limit your contact with others unless it is necessary. Misunderstandings can trigger you. Additionally, alone time will stimulate your creativity. The Temperance tarot card comes up, which means you will want to be patient with yourself and others right now, and if spending time alone is best, do that.

Taurus – Consider the possibility that someone may need your assistance due to your expertise. However, one thing you cannot do is to lash out at those who act as if they know more about your field than you do. Instead, the best thing to do is to remain calm and remind them, either virtually or with an example, that you are the one who has expertise in the field – not them. The Emperor comes up,, which means you will need to direct someone to do something you have experience with. You will not want them to reinvent the wheel as you want them to do the task the way you tell them because you know it works. 

Gemini – Having a tough week could involve struggling to get along with your colleagues and having difficulties with distractions at work. At times, you may be tempted to quit early in the day, and perhaps taking a day off isn’t a bad idea. However, by the end of the week, things will settle down. The Four of Swords comes up,, which suggests you need a lot of rest right now. 

Cancer – This week, you can expect to work a lot of overtime, whether you’re doing so for an employer or taking on more client work than usual. However, you will find that you are very stressed and overworked. Don’t snap at those around you or take your frustrations out on those who don’t have anything to do with the workload you are facing. Instead, take plenty of breaks between work and remember to take care of yourself. The Ten of Wands comes up, which has been your card at times, and it is a reminder not to burden yourself or burn out. 

Leo – In this week’s match, you will be pretty focused on your goals and oversee your competitors see how they move. The Scorpionic energies will hit you hard this week so that you will be watching, problem-solving, and keeping things quiet. There is nothing wrong with that, but do not take advantage of your competitors or do anything blatant at their expense. You will regret it later. The Seven of Swords comes up, and you may find that a competitor is trying to trick you, but you also know what they are doing. You will surprise them by being onto them. 

Virgo – You are pretty used to working, but you will find yourself facing so many tasks that you won’t know what to do. As you will need to fix things in your home and help others, you will also have more work. It would help if you focused on delegating the responsibilities you don’t need to worry about for the time being, so you don’t take on too much. The Hierophant comes up, which means you will have someone around who will give you good advice, and you are best to follow it. 

Libra – There is a possibility that your workload may slow down a little this week as you become more worried about why that is happening. Taking this time to focus on the issues you need to release and realizing that the lull won’t last forever is the best action. To avoid overthinking, it is essential to keep yourself busy as well as with other activities. The Four of Cups comes up,, which means you feeli bored, and you don’t want that to happen. So, again, stimulate yourself with doing things that make you happy. 

Scorpio – Your family and home are the most affected by the energies, and you will feel them more intensely at home than at work. However, the problem is that you will not feel at ease, and your productivity will suffer as a result. Therefore, you need to tell your family what you have wanted to say for a long time to feel that you can move forward. The Devil comes up,, which means you will want to be careful with clinging onto the issue you are worried about,, as this is also why it is essential to tell your family what you are thinking. 

Sagittarius – It will be necessary that you remove yourself from others so you can observe how you express yourself. The way you say yourself is possibly not appealing to many people you associate with, and you are becoming aware of that. It feels like they are either getting too defensive, ignoring you, or not taking you seriously. Therefore, observing and changing how you express yourself is the best thing you can do. The Ace of Swords comes up,, which means if you keep yourself and your behavior, you will immediately see what you need to change and understand what to do. 

Capricorn – You will be the one others turn to for help. They need your skills and resources to help them, and you may be in a position where you will have to be altruistic and give more than you receive. Remember that you don’t have to help those who don’t show you appreciation, and you will also gain good karma this way. The Six of Pentacles comes up,, which means you will be in a position where you will give,, but you will benefit from it as well. 

Aquarius – In your waffling around your thoughts and views, you will wonder if your career is the right one for you. If you aren’t sure you are getting the most out of what you are doing, you wonder if you should change careers or choose a different business. You may want to write down the pros and cons of your work before making any decisions this week because the energies around you are challenging.  The Two of Swords comes up,, which means you will be struggling to make a decision, so weighing the pros and cons and separating your emotions is the way to go. 

Pisces – You may come across a challenging scenario in which you need to come up with a quick solution. If you can’t handle the situation independently, you have to learn a skill quickly or rely on some help. There will be a lot of anxiety, so you will want to ground yourself during this time because if you don’t, nothing will be achieved. The Magician comes up,, which means you are more resourceful than you think!

Keep on holding on as there is a powerful opposition and a Taurus Full Moon and lunar eclipse next week. After that, the Sagittarius season will begin. 

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