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As the week begins, Mars in Scorpio will be amid a trine to Neptune in Pisces on the 29th. This can indicate you will be experiencing a high amount of psychic energy, enhancing your creativity. So today is an excellent time to start new creative projects, but don’t do anything that can cause you to lose interest, as you won’t focus well. 

There are several beneficial aspects on November 30th. Mercury in Sagittarius forms a sextile to Saturn in Aquarius, which is an excellent teaching aspect. Today is a great day to share what you know. Be careful not to give away too much for free. 

Venus in Capricorn makes a sextile to Neptune in Pisces on the same day. It is a wonderful day to spend with friends, colleagues, and your partner. Drink in moderation if you go out for drinks, and don’t overdo it. 

Lastly, on the same day, the Sun in Sagittarius makes a sextile to Saturn in Aquarius, and that is also an excellent time to showcase your skills and knowledge. You never know, that could lead to some big rewards too! But, again, don’t show off too much so that others can steal your ideas. 

As of December 1st, Neptune finally goes direct, so that you might have a cloudy head at times. Avoid getting lost in your daydreams and only use it occasionally as a way to unwind. 

Last but not least, the New Moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius occurs on December 4th. It is not a good idea to begin anything new, and you will want to spend time with your friends and family. During the holiday season, work will sometimes take a back seat. Let’s see how the rest of the week goes for each sign.  

Aries – It will be easy for you to find holiday gifts for your friends and colleagues this week, but this is also not the week to ignore your instincts. You may tend to take action before you think, leading to bad decisions and arguments that you could have avoided. Listen to your intuition and instincts this week. The Knight of Wands is influencing you to act before you think. Take the time to think about what you intend to do before you act. 

Taurus – While the energy is positive for the most part, you may find that life is somewhat chaotic this week. This may be one of those cases when you are overwhelmed with work from clients who need work done before they go on holidays, in addition to family chaos and stress. If you must delegate, this is the time to do so and to honor your alone time in the evening. Relax with a bubble bath and a glass of champagne. The Queen of Cups reversed comes up, a big sign that you need to add some self-care into your routine. 

Gemini – It is an excellent time to organize your home and office so that you won’t face unwanted distractions and will be inspired to do a “year-end” clean. If you’re hosting a holiday party later in December or you have big plans for the new year, you’ll want to organize yourself for all that now. In addition, the Two of Pentacles comes up, which means that you will want to ensure that you do this to get yourself organized. 

Cancer – Taking everything personally may lead you to be overly defensive this week. You will not take it well if someone tells you that your office is too cluttered or looks tired. You can smile and nod and say “I know” and leave it at that. Otherwise, you will get into arguments that can further stress you out. The Queen of Swords reversed comes up, which means you will have the urge to be a bitch, but you want to make sure that you watch your words before you anger someone close to you. You do not want to jeopardize that friendship or relationship. 

Leo – Throughout this week, you’ll begin to take pride in small victories, such as cleaning your office or changing your email signature, because, in the past, you wouldn’t have bothered. Eventually, you will, and you will feel great about it. Achieving anything is a great feeling. Finally, six of Wands comes up, which is the victory card, and you will end up feeling like you have accomplished something. 

Virgo – You are careful, but you will want to be extra cautious before making any decisions this week. Check reputable sources before making any big decisions because you may fall into the trap of wishful thinking, whereas the energies may affect you in this way. If you make a big purchase without checking any resources on it beforehand, you will regret it later on. Even you can be your worst critic. The Two of Swords comes up, which means there will be some hard decisions to make, but you know how to be discerning when faced with it. 

Libra – Despite the holiday season, you will be determined to work overtime and complete your projects. Unless you can finish an important task in time, you will say “no” to social events until work is done. The Ten of Wands comes up, so you want to be careful not to get too burned out at the same time. 

Scorpio – You will be thinking about how you can boost your career or business over the next year, and you will be thinking about that this week. You may find yourself distracted by it as you do other things this week. Therefore, if you are having a holiday party, this will be on your mind a lot. In addition, the Seven of Cups comes up, which means you will feel scatterbrained, and put the less pressing things on the backburner. 

Sagittarius – This week, you will have an opportunity to show someone your talent or skill. Those who are impressed with you may hire you or refer you to someone who needs your services. For example, you can impress them by solving something intricate at a holiday party. In addition, the Ace of Pentacles comes up, which means there could be the start of a new job or project along the way. 

Capricorn – Get ready for a week full of preparation for the holidays and cramming in work. Even though you know it’s essential to take a break, you prefer it this way! Busy is good! But don’t burn yourself out. The Nine of Wands comes up, which means you are determined to complete everything and find a way to keep going even if you are tired. 

Aquarius – You do not want to start new projects at this time. It is because you want to ensure that the old ones are completed. Therefore, you will not start anything new until the old ones are finished. This means you may have to tell clients to wait a while before starting a new project! Also, temperance comes up, which confirms that you need to take your time with things. 

Pisces – The urge to change your habits is stressing you out right now. It’s because some old habits die hard, and this is what you’re facing. The good news is that there is time to make some subtle changes each day not to become too stressed over those changes that need to be made! The Moon comes up, which is your card, and that means you need to dig within your shadow self to see what is behind these habits. That is how you can change them. 

We are now heading into December, and the holiday season is upon us. As the year comes to a close, now is the time to prepare for 2022. 


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