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Currently, we’re in Sagittarius season (Happy Birthday, Sagittarius!), and on the 24th, Mercury enters Sagittarius, which means you’ll be communicating openly and honestly over the next few weeks. As well as seeking new information, you will do that. It is an excellent time to learn new things, and if you wish to take a course to increase your skills, now is the right time. Nonetheless, now is not a good time to be around people you don’t like because you may end up saying things you will regret. Working with someone you don’t like will be challenging. Try to avoid them if you can. 

Next, on the 28th, the Sun makes a conjunction with Mercury, which makes it an excellent time to go on an adventure. When you cannot do anything too crazy, you will benefit from reading a good book that will keep your mind active. Then, you can take a short one-day trip if you want to! If you interact with those you don’t like on this day, however, you are highly likely to say something you will regret later on. If you are in their presence, you may want to step outside. Here are the significant transits for this week. Please take a look at the rest of the signs and see how they are doing. 

Aries – You may want to take a short business trip this week if you plan to travel. The place you are visiting may have some new clients or associates you can learn from. It would be best if you also looked for some exciting business opportunities presented to you. Before making any decisions, you should carefully weigh them. The Six of Swords comes up, suggesting that you could take a trip by water, but you will also want to take a break from any baggage you may be carrying this week. You will want to have a fresh start after. 

Taurus – It will be easier for you to step outside of your comfort zone this week because you will find yourself resisting it less. So when you have a client or boss who wants you to do something a little different, you will be willing to do so without much resistance. However, the Eight of Wands comes up, which suggests there will be something that quickly happens to force you out of your comfort zone. 

Gemini -It is a wonderful week to clear up any misunderstandings you may have had with others in the past. The next time you have a spat with a colleague, you can pass the olive branch over. Or if they give the olive branch to you, you can accept it and be open to their perspective and why they had opposing views to your own. The Five of Swords reversed comes up, which means an olive branch will be passed after an argument. 

Cancer – The powerful Sagittarian energy this week will make you feel rewarded for your efforts. Although you may not gain material or physical rewards, you will feel more complete spiritually and be proud of what you have accomplished. Celebrate in private. The Ace of Pentacles comes up, which means the energies for manifestation are within reach right now, 

Leo – The Sagittarian energies will encourage you to embrace your adventurous side and not be overly concerned with appearances. Therefore, you will want to experience new things for the sake of it, not so that you can look good by doing so. For example, you might feel the urge to do rock climbing or something you’ve never done before without needing to post about it on social media. It’s more about the experience than social recognition. The Moon shows up, which suggests that some fear is holding you back from doing these things, and you will want to explore that. 

Virgo – This week, you will find that you are a good listener. No matter who you are listening to, be it a coworker, friend, or family member, you will hear and offer advice. You know deep down that you should use advice for yourself, but you rarely do. Finally, the Queen of Cups comes up, which means you will be a good “therapist” to some people. 

Libra – Sagittarius energy helps you absorb new information faster this week, so you will be able to do some reading and learning this week. This is the week to take a quick course on improving a skill. Also, if you would like to satisfy your curiosity in any way, this week supports that, as well.  The Eight of Pentacles comes up, which confirms that this is a great time to polish skills and even learn some new ones. 

Scorpio – Making extra money shouldn’t surprise you if you have a eureka moment. You might consider it after the new year if you are thinking about starting a side hustle soon or after the holiday season. This week’s energies will affect how you feel about money, and you will undoubtedly want to make more.  The Two of Pentacles comes up, which means you will have to figure out a way to juggle everything, especially if you start a new side hustle. 

Sagittarius – As the energies in your sign are heavy this week, you will naturally be an optimist. In this way, your optimism will rub off on others, and you will inspire them to live up to their potential, as well as take care of yourself more this week. Have a great week! The Chariot comes up, which means you will not let anything stop you from reaching your goals. 

Capricorn – During this week’s heavy Sagittarius energies, you will be inclined to connect with your spiritual side. You may find yourself reading books or articles on metaphysics. There is more to life than work and the mundane, which is why you are taking the time to see what else is available to you this week. The Hermit shows up, which is an excellent time to reflect on yourself and make some discoveries about yourself. 

Aquarius – As you have been focusing too much on your health and career, this is an excellent week to reconnect with friends or acquaintances. You need to spend this time bonding with your friends and enjoy some dinners out or get-togethers where you can enjoy your connections. In addition, the Four of Wands comes up, which means you will enjoy having some celebrations with your friends. 

Pisces – You will be thinking about your career goals this week. You will evaluate what changes you would like to make career-wise, business-wise, or at work and see how you can incorporate those changes in the upcoming year.  The Four of Cups comes up, suggesting that you may be bored with your career or other aspects of your life. You are craving some change. 

Thanksgiving is this week, and the holiday season begins. Can you believe next week is December? 

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