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The week begins with Mercury in Libra making a trine to Jupiter in Aquarius, just as it ended last week, so this is a good time for signing contracts or negotiating. You can also socialize during this period. On the 2nd, Mercury in Libra makes a square to Pluto in Capricorn, making being tactful during disagreements difficult. A fight may result. 

On November 4th, the Sun in Scorpio will make an opposition to Uranus in Taurus, which could lead to unforeseen events involving money or relationships, whether they are personal or professional. 

On the 5th, there will be a Scorpio New Moon, which will lead you to explore your shadow side. You will find many ah-ha moments if you dig a little bit. 

During the same day, Venus enters Capricorn, which helps you take your finances and relationships seriously. The planet will be in this sign for quite a while, and it will influence you to evaluate your financial situation and decide if it needs to change. 

Similarly, Mercury enters Scorpio on the same day, which will lead to intense conversations, and you’ll be able to dig deeper into situations that can aid you in solving mysteries and finding solutions. Mercury forms a sextile to Venus the following day, a great day to make professional connections. It is also a good day to resolve any conflicts that have arisen in the past. Let’s see how your sign performs this week. 

Aries – You should be extremely cautious with your spending this week and pay off any debt you can. You’ll end up facing more financial stress if you don’t take care of the debts you can handle. Try to minimize that as much as possible. The Five of Pentacles shows up, which means there may be expenses that you will want to take care of immediately. Whatever you do, do not focus on lack!

Taurus – You will have to make a big decision this week, and you will not want to face it because you fear change. There is no need to go through it, but you will see great rewards if you do. The Two of Swords shows up, which means you will need to weigh the pros and cons heavily when making your decision. 

Gemini – No matter what the issue, you have been hung up on expected results, and you will be challenged this week to let go and let things unfold as they should. You will be less stressed if you can do that. After that, temperance comes up, which means it is best to be as serene as possible when it comes to the outcome you want. 

Cancer – There will be changes at home and at work that will throw you off. If you want to adapt to those changes, make sure you tap into your creativity and take care of yourself as much as possible. The Hermit shows up, which means you will want to make time for yourself to learn about what you need to do to take care of yourself as best as you can. 

Leo – To avoid other problems in your life, do not focus too much on your business or career. To prevent losing your temper, you lock up your emotions by focusing on your work. Get a punching bag and let your feelings out that way if you need an outlet. The Tower comes up, which means you can be explosive easily if set off, which is why it is essential to find an outlet to exert your feelings. 

Virgo – If you know matters that pertain to your professional or personal life, you will want to explore further. The most important thing is to satisfy your curiosity, but it will be a strong urge, so go for it. The Page of Swords comes up, which means indulging your interest as much as possible, as long as it is appropriate and not snooping into anyone else’s business. 

Libra – There are energies in your favor that will assist you in manifesting abundance. There is another challenge you will face: you will have unhealthy attachments that you will not want to let go of, but if you don’t, they will be blocking your manifestation. To resolve this issue, you may benefit from working with a therapist. Ace Pentacles means that you have it within you to manifest what you want, and that is your card this week. 

Scorpio – There will be no doubt that you don’t have the patience or time for drama. As long as you communicate your boundaries with drama this week, you won’t have to worry about it shaking you to your core. You can only do what you can to do your work and take care of yourself. The Ten of Wands comes up, which means you can quickly become burdened by the drama of others, so you will want to cut yourself off from it. 

Sagittarius – You will have one more week of feeling unappreciated by others. It will feel like you are working hard but not getting credit for your effort and sacrifice (because you will feel that’s all you get). Keep going regardless of how you feel. The rewards will come. Perhaps not in the way you want, but they will come. The Four of Cups comes up, which means you will feel apathetic and bored but remember, it won’t last. 

Capricorn – The energies this week revolve around the use of social media, which makes sharing some helpful information online a good idea. Put it to good use in a way that will be influential positively and convince others to act appropriately. You’ll be surrounded by drama, but you’ll know how to ignore it. The Knight of Swords comes up, which is an excellent card for not only communication but learning, and you may learn some great things this week. 

Aquarius – You should not bring your work life into your personal life as it can cause problems. As the energies make things difficult for you this week, you may be prone to impulsive behavior. Do some journaling if you’re struggling with it this week. The Hierophant comes up for you, which means you will want to get advice from therapists or anyone experienced to help you manage your emotions. 

Pisces – This week, you should keep an open mind about specific issues. You will be tempted to dismiss someone who challenges your thinking. The best thing to do is open your mind, open your perspective, and learn more about it. This may involve your personal or professional life. The High Priestess comes up, which means you will also want to tap into your intuition regarding those issues that you do not understand that someone has. 

There will be more stressful transits next week, but the most stressful ones will be the last ones for this year. So don’t give up; nothing lasts forever. 

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