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Major transits are occurring this week, as May 26th is the Sagittarius Full Moon. That is known as the Blood Moon, which is a period to focus on your way of speaking and honesty. Since this is a fire Full Moon, you will need to speak out, which is a must-do for you. Get ready to take some heat by telling the truth because not everyone will be open to what you need to say. You may need to speak up about the frustrations you have about anyone who is not doing their part in your life. Your emotional side will not like it, but this is when you realize you must be serious about yourself.

Moreover, this is the total lunar eclipse added to the Full Moon. That marks an end to situations and a beginning to new ones that will last for about six months. Expect there to be an impact on your emotions. Don’t be shocked if you have intense feelings because that is what eclipses do. 

After that, Mercury heads into retrograde in its home sign, Gemini, on the 29th, which persists until the 22nd of June. You will want to prepare yourself that there will be communication issues with those in your life. You may end up having to face computer issues and technical issues that can occur, as well as forgotten and missed appointments. That will also affect your way of thinking. The Full Moon has happened during the shadow period of Mercury in retrograde made the experience more intensified. Let’s see how your sign does this week. 

Aries – You will have a whole discussion with someone, and it is an issue that has been brewing for a while this week. It would be best if you also were extra vigilant not to say anything that you may regret because of the fiery energies from the Full Moon and being in Mercury’s shadow. Nevertheless, you will feel better after speaking up about what has been bothering you. The tarot card that comes up for you is the Page of Swords which means you have a message for someone, and it is an important one. 

Taurus – You will discover something astonishing about money, taxes, and debts, and methods on how you can budget your savings better. You will have the impulse to let something from the past go as well that is no longer serving you. That will be a challenge because of your fixed nature, which will cause you to balk often. The Six of Pentacles comes up, which suggests that you will either give money to some charities for tax benefits. 

Gemini – You will undergo some physical shifts regarding your relationships as it could affect you personally or professionally. It does not mean that all of your relationships will change, but some significant ones will for one reason or another.  The Wheel of Fortune is the card for you that suggests that changes will occur. 

Cancer – You have wanted to do a lot of revamping and reforming over the last multiple weeks. That is because this week, you are in for a significant transition in your work or personal routine. You might be given a new role or will have to work elsewhere. You don’t like sudden adjustments as it is, but you will manage this transition considerably better than you would have otherwise since you have been doing some preparations. The Death card comes up, and don’t flip out because this marks a permanent transition being on the way and something that has to come to an end will. 

Leo – Now is an ideal time for any creative release as you have been creative for a long time. Nevertheless, before the retrograde begins, you may want to release a creative project you have been working on lately. Perhaps it will affect you differently, which means if you have had writer’s block, you may see it dissolves, which will bring you relief.  The Eight of Wands comes up, which suggests that you will release a creation of yours quicker than you realize. 

Virgo – You may make a revelation this week about your past and ancestors. You will find that will affect you. There might be some ethnic heritage that you knew nothing about, or you may have a famous ancestor. Additionally, you will want to be mindful with your speech this week as everybody around you will have extra sensitive. The last thing you need is to contend with arguments that will strain you more.  The Six of Cups comes up, which means you may end up hooking up with someone from your past or your childhood as well, which may be relevant to the energies you face this week. 

Libra – You will need to get something off your chest this week because you feel resentful about someone who takes advantage of you. You are kind by nature, but with these intense, fiery energies, you may find yourself getting ahead of yourself, so stay cautious. The Five of Swords reversed comes up, which suggests that you will have an argument and you may feel defeated, but the reversed position looks as if it will end and an olive branch will pass around to you or vice versa. 

Scorpio – You might discover some information concerning money this week, which could be from your assets and work.  It looks like it will be good news but prepare yourself for being sensitive because of these energies. Be careful not to behave in a passive-aggressive way or else that will elicit disputes, and you do not want that. The Seven of Wands comes up, which means you will have the urge to protect your assets and suggests that competition is after you as well. 

Sagittarius – You will discover that this is a week mixed with closures from past issues. You may run into old clients or friends you haven’t been in touch with for years. They might serve a purpose in your life, so you will want to be in touch. The closings that will happen will help you move forward on an emotional and physical level. The lack of closures has weighed you down. The Eight of Cups shows up, meaning that you will find no other option than to walk away from something or someone stressing you out. 

Capricorn – The energies this week will induce you to have vivid dreams. You will find they consist of mages and symbols. Monitor your dreams because they send messages that you need. They can assist you in navigating your professional and personal life over the next few weeks. There are other significant changes are occurring over that period as well, which is the outcome of the eclipse. 

Aquarius – You will see a lot of endings and fresh beginnings. The relationships you were starting to nurture over the last week will begin to form. When that happens, you will find old friends that will start to drift away. You will also find that your desires and dreams will begin to shift, as some things will begin to manifest and other things you hoped would disappear. You won’t care about the things that you once cared about drifting away either. It is safe to say that things are changing. The tarot card that comes up is Temperance, and it is saying to be patient and kind to yourself as you go through these shifts. 

Pisces – Something having to do with your career is shifting, which indicates you will realize that changing your timetables will be necessary. That is something you need to do this week. Since lunar eclipses are emotionally draining for you, you will need to get as much sleep as you potentially can this week so you can be up for the modifications you need to make. The Two of Pentacles comes up, which means you will want to ensure that you are not taking on too much and juggling your responsibilities effortlessly. 

Last week was the quiet before the storm. This week is the storm, as the end of the week is when Mercury goes into retrograde. That also means next week there will be further changes! Remain still and relax this week as much as you can!


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