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The week begins with you feeling fairly confident. The Sun in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn, as you will manage everything and have the skill to cope with any intensity you must encounter. Venus in Gemini makes a trine to Saturn in Aquarius on the 19th, a great aspect for networking. You will additionally make time to be with those who matter to you the most then. That means you will take your bonds deeply. 

The Sun moves into Gemini (Happy Birthday, Gemini) on the 20th, and you will have the desire to show who you are and interchange views with those close to you. You will want to brainstorm as that is something you will want to do. Nevertheless, beware as around the same time, the Sun will make a square to Jupiter in Pisces. That can cause indulgent behavior, and be careful when it comes to eating, drinking, or spending habits. 

Saturn in Aquarius goes into retrograde on May 23rd until October 11th. You will make a lot of adjustments in your life that require self-improvement and development. For example, if you are afraid to be put on video, you may want to begin. I am not ready to do that myself, but I will be inching out of my comfort zone as I have a podcast in the works. Nevertheless, don’t make any choices to make improvements on that day as at the same time, officially beginning on the 22nd. That is because Mercury in Gemini creates a square to Neptune in Pisces. That indicates you will not be reasoning clearly, and be careful not to trust anything you see and hear as it is a chance that scammers take advantage of you. 

Mercury is also in its shadow, as the following week, it enters the retrograde period so that you may feel those energies. Anticipate there to be mixed messages, misunderstandings, missed emails, neglected appointments, and other annoyances. Let’s see how you do according to your sign this week. 

Aries – You will sense you are in complete power of yourself and your destiny. You will need to keep yourself intellectually stimulated this week as you intend on creating any dream, large or small, into reality. You may even incline to register in a course that will assist you in accomplishing something that you desire, such as becoming a better public speaker. The tarot card that comes up for you is the Eight of Pentacles, which shows that you are bettering your skills, and you will want to keep doing that. 

Taurus – The post-pandemic life weighs strongly on your psyche this week because you will be thinking about what you need after this finishes. You really want to travel, whether for business and pleasure, but you need a change of scenery. Nevertheless, you will be brainstorming and thinking about the places you want to visit and create a way to turn that to actuality at the right time. The card that comes up for you is the Page of Cups, which is the card that tells you to dream about what you want to do. And you will want to turn that into a reality.

Gemini – This is your birthday week, and you have the desire to begin focusing on the present instead of the past. Nevertheless, you understand that old hurts cannot go away, as you will do more work with your therapist if you have been seeing one before this week. Otherwise, you will need to see one. You will find that your old wounds hurt your success and productivity, and you want that to change. The card that comes up for you is Temperance, and you will most definitely want to be gentle with yourself this week, and seeing a therapist is a good idea. 

Cancer – You will want to take a moment to do some reviewing, restructuring, and reorganizing based on the heavy energies from Saturn in retrograde as it is the ruler of your opposite sign. You sensed the shadow for some time. However, this week you will focus on this even more. You are additionally feeling the powers of Mercury’s shadow, which is affecting you too. The card that comes up for you is Hermit, which means it is time to do plenty of self-reflection this week. 

Leo – The energies this week are excellent for working on an enjoyable project, whether from work or personal. Now is a terrific week to assure that your objectives align with those you work with, as the Saturn and Venus trine impact you significantly. You get the Three of Pentacles this week, which means that collaboration is in the cards for you this week. You will want to do that as you can start something great. 

Virgo – You may sense the danger from any competitor, which is why this is a great time to seek assistance from mentors, higher-ups, and officials who can guide you on how to defeat them. If you don’t have your own business, you still need assistance from those who can give you professional advice to assist you to enhance your job performance. It does look great to be the employee of the month, for instance. The card that comes up is the Seven of Wands which means competition is after you, so you will want to keep working at things and protect yours. 

Libra – Anticipate having a busy week with customers booking you up or having additional work. Be careful that you don’t take on too much as the possibility is there that can happen based on the Sun squaring Jupiter. You do not want to overbook something that you cannot do! The card that comes up is the Ten of Wands, which reminds you not to bite off more than you can chew and delegate when needed!

Scorpio – You currently are in a good week for freeing any baggage from the past that could cause you to hang onto resentments. You will additionally need to talk to those close to you about serious matters. Additionally, you will want to keep auditing your budget, taxes, and loans. The card that shows up for you is the Two of Pentacles, which indicates you will need to balance things, and you can. 

Sagittarius – The energies encourage you this week to acquire clarity on your objectives and standards. You will know what you desire for your future and your goals and intentions that you will make to achieve them. You will have to dedicate yourself to those intentions to attain your objectives the best way you can. Do not let anything distract you from reaching them either. The Knight of Pentacles is the card that comes up for you, and that means you are serious about turning your dreams into reality – and you are going after that. 

Capricorn – This is a wonderful week to focus on your vitality and creativity. You can add to your work, projects, and other aspects of your life essential to you. You will additionally concentrate on your health and wellness. You will make adjustments to your diet and lifestyle as you stick with them. You will find that even your efficiency can enhance by making some minor lifestyle adjustments. The Empress comes for you this week, as you need to concentrate on nurturing yourself and those around you. 

Aquarius – You have been doing plenty of shadow work over the past several months. You are opening the chance of making new friends. The thing to focus on this week is to audit your commitments and duties. Please stick to your obligations, but not when it comes to other responsibilities you can readily delegate. Expect to have regrets about having to make a specific dedication. You understand you have to follow through, but you will want to avoid being in that position in the future. The card that comes up for you this week is the Page of Swords, which means you will want to listen to any messages that you get from others that will be relevant to anything you focus on now. 

Pisces – You have been thinking about what you need in your life. Now is the week to sit down with those included and speak to them about what you want. If you do that, you will know whether or not you will get the support you need. If somebody is reluctant to help you, you will see that is the time to review your relationship with them. You may have no option other than to keep them in your life. However, the absence of help will change your view of them. Don’t count out the possibility that they may come around at a later point, either. The Five of Cups comes up, which means you will experience feelings of disappointment by someone, but at least you will know where you stand. 

As Taurus season comes to an end, Gemini season starts. You can already notice that this is the period that entails creating improvements for the better. 


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