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The Taurus New Moon occurs on the 11th, which indicates it is the best time to manifest something new. Since Taurus is a tactical sign, and you can transform a vision into something tactile. Since the New Moon in the earth sign starting the latest week, that keeps creating something simpler. The approach you do it from will be practical, and you can use the instruments you have to make things materialize. Namely, if you want to start a side business, now is the time to begin that because you will discover the implements and pragmatic tips to create the actuality earlier rather than later. 

Jupiter moves into Pisces on the 13th, and since Jupiter co-rules that sign, it goes home. Hence, Jupiter is delighted with being in that water sign. That position will support your dreams to develop. It also helps you heal from anything troubling your life. Let’s see how you do this week. 

Aries – Try to find anything that will inspire you this week as you have some new desires and dreams; you found having them over the last several weeks. Nevertheless, you’ve been puzzled about where to go with it, and the New Moon and the Jupiter transit will support you in discovering the inspiration you need to take it where you wish. The tarot card that comes up is the Page of Wands, telling you that inspiration is around you, wherever you look!

Taurus – You will be in a place where you will need to stand up for your beliefs. You tend to stay silent and mind your business. However, there will be a circumstance where somebody will overstep your boundaries. Fighting back is the only thing to do, and you will quickly find the tools you need to protect your beliefs. Because you are naturally resourceful, and with the assistance of the New Moon in your sign, it will come even faster. The Seven of Wands comes up to prepare yourself for a competition of some sort, protect yourself, and everything you achieved. 

Gemini –  You have career goals, and they will begin to grow after the 13th when Jupiter enters into Pisces. Opportunities may come up for you during the second half of the week. It may mean a new job opportunity will come, or you will receive a new opportunity to utilize something that will help you do better in your current job if you have no intention of leaving. The Ace of Pentacles comes up, which can signify new opportunities or more money coming your way. 

Cancer – Currently, you feel lost when it comes to your long-term goals. With the help of the New Moon and Jupiter’s entry into Pisces, you will see yourself in a situation where you will start to make sense of your objectives and know what they are. The problem will be having faith in yourself that you will reach them, but that will show up more during next week’s transits. The Moon tarot card comes up, which implies that you need to do some shadow work to figure out what you want. It will not show up until you do that. 

Leo – The path of your work life is transitioning, and the New Moon will make that even more noticeable. There is the option of discovering a fresh, professional approach or innovative methods to earn an income. That means you could build a side hustle that might be slightly offbeat. You can have fun with it because of using your imagination too. The Ace of Cups comes up, which means you will ‘fall in love’ with what you discover. 

Virgo – Last week, you had some much-needed clarification. At the same time, you will have the challenge of widening your outlook. The New Moon will encourage you to also look into different methods of analyzing yourself and how you relate to the world around you. Don’t be shocked if these latest perspectives provoke you to question the choices you have made in life. The Hermit is your card for this week which is naturally your tarot card, and it suggests that you will need to do some heavy introspection so you can begin to widen your outlook. 

Libra – You have been open to exiting your comfort zone, which is excellent. That indicates that you will alter your circumstances at work and home, in addition to your relationships. If you are looking to enhance your professional or personal life environment or strengthen your relationships, the transits occurring this week will help you handle it. It requires effort to make any change, and there is no reason you can’t do it. The Eight of Wands comes up, suggesting any changes you make this week will be sudden and happen quickly. 

Scorpio – Forgiving others is something you tend to battle frequently. Nevertheless, this week, you will have the desire to make up with somebody in your personal or professional life with whom you had falling out with before. Fixing the relationship will be good for you because you will feel lighter and more fruitful by not dragging around the bitterness you’ve had towards that specific person. The tarot card that comes up is the Five of Swords reversed; not only does it indicate passing the olive branch, but it suggests choosing your battles wisely. 

Sagittarius – There is the sense that you are not receiving recognition from anyone. Once Jupiter moves into Pisces, your outgoing character will immediately become more reserved, and you will need to take the time to reflect on your relationships. The seven of Swords comes up, which means you may discover soon that someone who you associate with does not have your back and stabs it instead. Beware of them. 

Capricorn – You need to work, but this week encourages you to move from performing all of the time. You will need to create some time to discover a new hobby or interest. For example, if you like music, maybe learn to play an instrument. If you want metaphysics, read up on tarot or astrology. If you like to DIY, you can produce some crafts, and maybe you can sell them on Etsy or Amazon. There are so many ideas. The Eight of Pentacles comes up this week which means you will begin learning new skills, which may have to do with your hobby!

Aquarius – You may make an excellent companion this week, which implies you will want to lower your guard without removing boundaries. The challenge will be to remove the wall you have around you so you can allow a potential good friend to enter your life. The Three of Cups comes up, which implies a beautiful friendship is on the way. 

Pisces – There is plenty of work to do this month. The current week is the week to assure that you replenish yourself for what is to come as there will be a lot happening. Go and review your to-do list, and skip the ones that take time and exertion to do the following week. It would be best if you replenished this week and rest, so you have the vitality to handle the more complicated jobs. The Two of Pentacles comes up, which means you will find a way to juggle your tasks this week, so it is a good idea to take some time to figure it out!

The energies you encounter this week are slower, and you need this week to be calmer because of what is to come next week. Events will be busier, and some of the powers may present some difficulties next week – but it won’t be anything you can’t handle!


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