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Last week, there was a lot of activity, but this week, not so much. Nevertheless, two transits are noteworthy this week. 

Mercury enters Pisces on Wednesday, March 9th. Thus, your intuition and creativity will be enhanced, which is excellent for carrying out creative projects. You will also take an innovative approach to managing mental health and work. Nevertheless, some logical thinking may also be compromised. Mercury feels retrograde when it is in Pisces because it is in its fall and detriment. Therefore, you may need some advice and second opinions when making decisions. Don’t forget to listen as well. 

Next, on March 12th, the Sun will conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Getting in touch with your creativity and intuition is another way to make that work for you. Nevertheless, it would be best to be cautious of this aspect as it may cause your boundaries to thin out. For example, you may accept more work than you usually want, which is not something you want to do. Burnout and resentment will follow if you do this. This week, let’s see how your sign does based on what is in the stars and the tarot pull. 

Aries – Four Of Pentacles

This month, you might want to do some budgeting, and you might even be able to cut costs by removing subscriptions that you don’t need. In addition, you want to make sure that you are in a good position financially to invest in something you might need professionally shortly. 

Taurus – Knight Of Wands

Consider taking a short vacation this week. It might be worth your time to travel an hour or two away for a day or two. You can take a few hours during any day during the week to recharge if you are too swamped at work to head away. Even though it is not a time for significant travel, taking time to renew may be pretty important this week. 

Gemini – Five Of Wands

There is still energy in the Fourth House, representing home and family. This week, you might come up against a challenge as you could come across a relative who does not approve of your job or something you do in your personal life. Perhaps you chose a career that your family did not support, or maybe you did not join the family business. We will remind you of this next week. Do not let them get to you. Stay true to yourself. 

Cancer – Queen Of Wands

The good news is that those blockages you encountered last week have been lifted so that you can use your creative side to do your work and express yourself creatively in any way you want. You will find that everything happens smoothly when it comes to creating new digital products, marketing, or even finding a new outfit that looks good. 

Leo – Queen Of Cups Reversed

We continue to focus on health this week, and if you feel tired frequently, then drink a lot of water. Of course, it would be best to stay hydrated, but since the energies are focused on your health, you must drink enough water to function better and sleep better. 

Virgo – Nine Of Wands

Often, you may be so busy with work that you don’t have enough time to spend with your significant other. Don’t forget to spend time with your partner if you are in a relationship. During this week, you may forget as you get caught up in what you are doing, as that is the nature of your sign. It’s a reminder that there is more to life than work and that you should also give your relationship energy. 

Libra – Ace Of Pentacles

The week ahead may bring you money from other sources. For example, you might receive an inheritance or a winning lottery ticket, or you might receive a refund from the government regardless of the reason. This is good news because now you have extra money to spend. It could be used for professional reasons or not. 

Scorpio – Temperance

You may benefit from a spiritual retreat like a yoga retreat this week, which can help you recharge and appreciate your spiritual side. Despite wanting to connect with your spiritual side for quite some time, there may be an opportunity to go on a short retreat this week. It would be best if you took it. 

Sagittarius – Seven Of Swords

Keeping your professional reputation in mind is essential. Occasionally, you may disagree with someone, and you can find it online if you don’t handle it respectably. If someone finds that attached to your name, you may be denied opportunities as a result. So take care of your reputation. 

Capricorn – Three Of Pentacles

Energy heavily influences your ability to make the most of your networks this week. To extend your networks this week by attending networking events. As well as wishing to see your dreams come true, you may want to enlist the help of a professional in your circle to help you find sources to help make those dreams come true. 

Aquarius – Moon

This week, you may have some powerful dreams, so you may want to keep a dream journal next to your bed so that when you awaken, you can write them down. As the day progresses, you will want to take note of your dreams, so you do not forget about them. In dreams, you will see symbols that are messages from the Universe. To interpret them, you’ll need to go online. Something important is going on in your professional or personal life that your subconscious tells you.

Pisces – Ace Of Cups

This week, your creativity is more potent than it usually is, so you can create some incredible art or come up with some brilliant marketing campaigns. Nevertheless, you may have trouble saying “no” when others ask for favors. So don’t let anyone cross your boundaries.

There will be a potent full moon in Virgo next week, along with other energies that are intense! Everything will be okay. Ride with it!


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