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You are in for an efficient week as it begins with the aspect of Mars in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius, as you will find the motivation to be more constructive. You will work more innovative, and you will have the vitality to do your morning or afternoon exercise. 

Moreover, beware of Mercury’s aspect in Pisces squaring Mars in Aquarius on the 24th, as you can become annoyed and excessively touchy to the point of getting into fights. There may be a problem with negative self-talk and being too hard on yourself. You can fall into the trap of playing the comparison game and see someone more successful than you. Therefore, you may see yourself as a failure. That is even if you accomplished many good things. Be careful with what you say to yourself and watch what you tell others.

Be sure to give yourself self-love on the 26th because of the Sun conjunct Venus in Aries. Forgive yourself for your ‘failings’ and situations where you did not make it. Remind that life is a journey and not a sprint. Be merciful with yourself in areas where you did not make it. Prepare yourself for the Libra Full Moon, which will start the following week. Let’s see how the signs do this week. 

Aries – Doing everything on your own is something you want, and you are willing to work very long hours to achieve anything by yourself. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to accept assistance. You may be less willing to support others because you think you don’t need it. The reality is, you can’t, and you are better off delegating or asking for guidance on jobs that you can’t do. The tarot card that comes up for you is the Ace of Wands, as you have so much motivation to do things, but that does not mean you have to do it all on your own!

Taurus – Pressing ahead with your work will be easy, and you may even make some extra revenue. Nevertheless, be wary of the conflicts that you could face with Mars and the Mercury square. You may battle to disagree with others peacefully. You won’t abandon your convictions because you are Taurus, but failing to become diplomatic can trigger more issues ultimately. The tarot card that comes up for you is the Queen of Swords, which means to share what you know, and be direct with it, but keep yourself detached emotionally. 

Gemini – The Mars and Mercury square will render this week hard for you. The things you say can be misinterpreted and not grasped. Even if you did not mean what you say, be mindful of your one when you send texts and emails. If someone starts arguing with you over a misrepresentation of what you stated, then you will not agree to disagree. The tarot card for you this week is Temperance, therefore, watch what you say, and be mindful of what you say. And be patient with others and yourself. 

Cancer – Get firm, set those limits, and cut those off who use you for the time being. That friend who expects you to do favors all of the time, for instance, will get a shock when you no longer will be available to do them. That won’t make them happy, and they will make that known. Don’t let that stop you from setting boundaries. The card that comes up is Emperor, which means to remain disciplined when it comes to yourself setting boundaries. 

Leo – Your area of work will be affected heavily this week based on the energies. The urge to debate long-term tactics and goals with collaborators; nevertheless, prepare yourself for disagreements over how you spend money. You may have accusations hurled at you concerning mishandling the budget. That will cause you to become defensive. You will also accuse your suppliers of overcharging you if you own a business and may threaten to look for competitors to give you a better price. Interestingly enough, the card that comes up is the Five of Swords, which means to pick your battles wisely, and if you don’t, you will feel defeated. 

Virgo – You will have the intense urge to clean your home or office.  Nevertheless, you will be more sensitive to criticism than usual.  That is because of the Mars and Mercury square as it will affect you and Gemini profoundly since Mercury rules both signs. Choose your words wisely, so you don’t invite retaliation. The card that comes up for you this week is the Hermit, which is your card. You will want to spend the week taking care of your own thing as you do some heavy contemplation. That is not the time to spend it with others. 

Libra – Your relationships may head toward a different direction this week.  You will find that your connections have too many differences in perspectives and opinions from you. Possibly you discover that they have a different perspective politically, and finding acceptance will be difficult.  You don’t like getting into arguments, so this may be hard for you to express. However,  they can catch on if you act passively-aggressive towards them, which you don’t want to do. Are their differences so bad from yours that you want to cut them out? The card Eight of Cups comes up, which means there will be difficulty walking away from things that no longer serve you, but it will be for the best. 

Scorpio – Your co-ruler clashes with Mercury, and that will stress you out more by making you even more possessive with your private space. Therefore, stick to your borders but be mindful of what you say. Nevertheless, this is an ideal week to begin some new, positive habits. Perhaps find methods to work smarter instead of longer, and maybe find time to rest more. That will improve your productivity too.  The tarot card for you is Seven of Pentacles, which means whatever efforts you put in consistently now will pay off later on. 

Sagittarius – Find more people to add to your network. You can either find that they can help you with your business or help you find ways for you to improve your skills. Beware of that Mercury and Mars clash as you will turn possible new contacts away if you are too blunt and not diplomatic. Everybody will be more sensitive, which will provoke hostility, and that includes you. The card that comes up for you is Two of Wands which means you can partner up with someone for business or creative purposes. 

Capricorn – What habits are serving you and what are not? This is the week to begin removing harmful or useless habits and items from your life to help improve your productivity. Prepare yourself for the fact that you will face some internal battles as you will discover that some practices that are not serving you properly are comforting. You can give them up slowly. The card that shows up is the Seven of Cups, which means you have different options to help you regarding self-improvement and remove bad habits. Choose the form of help that can help you best. 

Aquarius –  You will also have good productivity levels, and you will maintain self-discipline for getting things done. Nonetheless, beware of the fact that some envious folks may poke fun at your good habits. You would want to poke fun at them by saying how they would not be so jealous if they were to do what you do. However, that will only worsen things, given the Mars and Mercury clash occurring this week. Just continue doing you, and don’t worry anyone else. The tarot card Seven of Wands comes up, and others are watching you and competing against you. Be aware of this, and stand your ground, and don’t let anyone rattle you. 

Pisces – You often struggle with making decisions. Nevertheless, this week you have to make decisions about money or anything else pressing. You may work with inner-conflict, and it is okay to ask for people’s help and guidance if you are struggling with making a decision. Nonetheless, once you make that important choice, you will feel better. The tarot card that comes up is the Four of Swords, and that is the card that suggests budgeting your money better than you have been doing. 

Here is an intense week, but the upcoming  Full Moon the week after will bring more clarity to you. That is something you both need and want!

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