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Mars in Aquarius makes a square to Uranus in Taurus on Tuesday, March 22nd. It may be difficult for you to control your temper and you may become explosive suddenly. If you are dealing with a client or colleague, the last thing you want to do is lose your temper. De-stress on this day by doing some kickboxing or even yoga. 

Mercury will then conjunct Neptune in Pisces on Wednesday, March 23rd. Getting creative with your projects, or even creating something new, is a good idea today! Don’t put too much trust in what you see, though. Sweet-talkers are easy to manipulate and swindle.

A sextile between Mercury and Pluto in Pisces occurs on Saturday, March 26th, giving you the opportunity to do some problem-solving, and to learn some truths. We have been deceived for too long. It is important not to get too obsessed with what you find. 

Mercury moves into Aries on Sunday, March 27th, which means you should be careful about what and how you say over the next four weeks. In order to communicate effectively, you need to be honest and direct. Don’t forget to be kind.

Let’s see what the signs bring this week, as well as what the tarot card pulls reveal!

Aries – Queen Of Cups Reversed

In the coming week, as the Sun moves into your sign, you will find that you will focus a great deal on improving yourself. Perhaps changing your diet will be in order, as well as changing your wardrobe. Make those changes in order to increase productivity. 

Taurus – Four Of Pentacles

This week, you’ll be focused on your budget. You realize that you tend to overspend, and you realize how damaging that can be to your finances. You worry about being unable to cover future expenses. Budget and trim any unnecessary expenses now. Also, save where you can. 

Gemini – Page Of Swords Reversed

You could find that this week you say inadvertently offensive things to clients, colleagues, friends, family members, and colleagues because your ruler is in its fall and detriment. This can make communication a challenge. As a result of Pluto making a sextile to Mercury, you are more likely to watch what you say. Be careful when sending emails. 

Cancer – Star

Feng Shui is helpful if you have a home business because shifting around furniture may bring you luck, and even if you don’t have a home business and you work outside of the home, it is still helpful. The energy may flow more smoothly and easily that way. The luck may improve as well. 

Leo – Ace Of Cups

The one question you will ask yourself this week is whether or not you consider your line of work as enjoyable as a hobby. If not, that does not mean you should toss it, but there are hacks you can use to make it more efficient. Take advantage of your high levels of creativity this week and find ways to enhance your working experience. 

Virgo – Ten Of Wands

Apart from work, you might be responsible for a lot this week. Possibly a family member needs your help, or your pet or child may be sick. Regardless of how much you have to do, you must develop the habit of self-care to avoid burnout.  

Libra – Three Of Pentacles

You will need to work with others this week. You may also want to have other professionals check your work before submitting it to management if you are unable to work on any projects with others. This week, you do not feel comfortable depending on yourself. 

Scorpio – High Priestess

This week, your intuition will be especially strong, allowing you to recognize that if something doesn’t make sense, you’ll dig into it and solve the problem. If the accountant is having difficulty balancing the books, you could be the one to figure out what is causing the imbalance. Your help will be needed this week in that regard. 

Sagittarius – Nine Of Wands

Chaos at work or home may be causing you some stress this week. You should take advantage of this time to meditate. Don’t forget to meditate before you leave for work, and right before you go to bed if you can’t. 

Capricorn – Two Of Pentacles Reversed

Having a hard time managing work and life and feeling out of balance has caused you to feel somewhat out of control. It’s the right time to start finding some balance. Work too much overtime and your family is pissed off that you don’t spend enough time with them? This is a good time to balance your schedule. Have your chores been neglected as well? There are some solutions to help you. 

Aquarius – Six Of Pentacles

During this week, you would be well advised to do some humanitarian and volunteer work, as it may help to give a good impression for a work cause, or it may be something you can do to feel good about yourself. Nevertheless, the energies indicate this is a good week for that. 

Pisces – Seven Of Wands

Someone may be sabotaging you that you are unaware of. Maybe they are downgrading your business online or there is competition trying to steal your business. This type of thing happens quite often, so don’t get panicky. Energies are helping to increase your creativity and intuition. Others around you will support you in whatever way you need. 

During the Aries season, the weeks will pass quickly!

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