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Mercury enters Pisces this week. However, there is something to remember. Mercury does not do favorably in Pisces as it is detrimental and fall in that sign. Hence, you may have blurred logic and clouded reasoning. Nevertheless, that is the time to rely on your intuition which means if you don’t feel you should do something, then don’t do it and vice versa. Your mind can play tricks easily. 

On the 20th, the Sun enters Aries (Happy Birthday Aries), which indicates it is finally a time for new beginnings. That is when you can start to make some new plans or begin taking action.  Venus enters Aries a day later, as you will find the passion for taking on new opportunities. You will start to show yourself boldly and innovatively as well, which can bring new potentials. Whichever way it plays out, this energy will provide you what you need to put yourself out there. It is excellent for confidence-boosting. Let’s see how your sign does this week.  

Aries – It is your birthday week, and you will feel the revived sense of enthusiasm more than anyone else because you have a lot going on in your sign. You are a natural leader, so you will gladly take on different management roles this week because you want to do that anyhow. Nevertheless, please don’t burn yourself out, so take it slowly. Your tarot card for this week is the Emperor, which means you have complete control over everything you can control, and this is your natural card. 

Taurus –  Mercury is moving into Pisces and the heavy Arian energy. That indicates you will have your intuition heightened. There may be encounters with ghosts, and that will make you question your logic. Nonetheless, if you do have those ghostly encounters, do not worry about it as they will be harmless. The Hermit comes up for you, which means you may also want to do some self-reflection after encountering spirits and figure out what messages they have for you. 

Gemini – This week is about teamwork, so if you are thinking of starting a joint venture, this is the perfect time to do that. There is never a need to use information that does not resonate with you. Nevertheless, this is the week to reach out to others because you can obtain some decent ideas and advice. The Magician comes up for you, which resonates with your ruler, so whatever advice you get, create something with it. 

Cancer – Start manifesting what you want and set plans related to any goals you desire to attain this year because this is the best time to do that. Additionally, this is a great week to do some spring cleaning which will add vibrance to you. The Star tarot card comes up for you this week which is a message to focus on your dreams and wishes and not to give up. 

Leo -Your curiosity is intensified this week so learn what you can. You can take a course or do some reading this week, and maybe improve your skills. Maybe create some new skills. Expand your mind, and the Eight of Pentacles comes up, signifying that building new skills and putting them to good use is a good idea for this week. 

Virgo – Your mind needs some spring cleaning, which is unpleasant nowadays. The very thing that has held you back from accomplishing better things may be that you have emotional baggage affecting you. Therefore, call a  therapist or a spiritual adviser this week as you can begin to learn what is stopping you from doing great things for yourself. The Chariot tarot card comes up, which means you cannot allow anything to stop you from taking care of this task that you need to tackle. 

Libra –  Self-care is the theme for you, and don’t feel bad about doing that, ever. You will want to soak in a warm tub, read your favorite book, and enjoy a glass of vino. That renewed sense of energy to provide to work and your family will only come through that. The Ten of Wands comes up, which suggests that you are more burned out than you realize! It would help if you cared for yourself. 

Scorpio –  Here is the week to evaluate how you spend your time. If you spend more time working than you do with your family, you know there is room for improvement. You will even see that you do not get enough sleep or devote any time to self-care. Evaluate it, and make adjustments to it. The Four of Cups comes up. Are you feeling apathetic? That is a sign you may be mishandling your priorities. 

Sagittarius –  This is the week to indulge in your creativity, which means it does not matter if you want to take up art, creative writing, crafting, or sculpting. Heck, sell them on Etsy if you’re going to make a few bucks. The tarot card that comes up for you is the Ace of Wands, a card about sparking your creative side and getting started with something, so go for it. 

Capricorn –  You may rapidly become frustrated with your family over minor things due to old scars.  Yes, you and Virgo will face similar difficulties this week, so you will want to call a therapist or a spiritual advisor to assist you with it. The difference is that it won’t impede your goal achievement or efficiency. However, you will find yourself getting into needless disagreements. The Ten of Cups comes up, which means take the time to enjoy those you consider to be family, whether it is your nuclear family or friends you see as family. 

Aquarius –  There will be the inclination to communicate with old friends this week. You will want to look at old messages on your social media or texts that you may have left for a long time. You may even organize some Zoom meetings or become a significant contributor to them anyhow. The card that comes up for you is the Page of Swords which is all about communication and ensuring messages are appropriately relayed. 

Pisces – Yes, your birthday season may no longer be happening. However, that does not mean this week is unimportant. Mercury is in your sign, influencing you to assess your values and relationships, particularly with money. How are you when it comes to financing, budgeting, or bringing in an income? You will find the answers as the Four of Pentacles comes up, which means you will want to save where you can, significantly if you are overspending. 

Look at all of this energy coming your way! Now you can find reasons to be optimistic that things are finally beginning to improve. 


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