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You’ll have a fiery phase during this week, as you’ll have the New Moon in Gemini on the  10th. Moreover, you will speak so many truths, and other people will have so much to say as well. It is not appropriate to talk about the drama of this time. Learn a few things about the past of a coworker, family member, or friend. 

The Solar Eclipse in Gemini co-occurs with new beginnings and endings for a while. As this time approaches, you will see how necessary it will be for you to have more than you currently have. You can also start manifesting what you desire at this time. 

Mars moves from Cancer to Leo on the 11th, which can give you the self-confidence you need to get what you deserve that you haven’t been able to get for a long time. This is a great time to manifest a new client, a new look, or a new car despite the high energies. Based on your sign, let’s see how you do this week. 

Aries – Your interactions with others need to be extra careful this week, Aries. Because of the eclipse and your ruler entering Leo, you may unintentionally stir up drama. It is possible to come across as arrogant and to get into arguments. Although these energies are potent for you, they will help you assert yourself more than you usually would. Honey will always catch more flies than vinegar. The tarot card Five of Wands comes up for you, which can indicate strife and someone crashing any party or celebration you are having. It is essential to choose your words at this time. 

Taurus – You can’t take advantage of the chaotic energies when you’re productive,  but you can control the situation. Spend some time in nature. If you live near a pond, you can sit by it in a local park. If you drive somewhere near water, you can relax and unwind.  The Strength tarot card comes up for you, so you will want to rely on your inner strength to get through this time. 

Gemini – As it occurs in your sign, you will be adversely affected by the eclipse. This week,  you may make a mistake by not clarifying your words. As a result, you will spend a lot of time writing, and like Taurus, you will want to get out in nature and let it soothe you. Don’t forget to bring your journal. The Magician comes up for you this week as you will want to rely on your innovative and creative ways to get through some tough times. 

Cancer – Your productivity is also likely to suffer from this because it drags you into some drama somewhere along the line. You will also hear others talk about people you know. As a result, you will be stressed, and your work will suffer. It is a good idea to take a break from social media this week until things calm down after the eclipse.  The Four of Swords comes up, and this is the time to rest and relax. 

Leo – This week, you will be able to let go of unwanted relationships, making room for new connections. What have you been doing for your clients for so little? Undercharge for your services? You need to raise your prices, and if your clients don’t like it,  they will leave. Don’t worry. You will find new ones who will pay you what you deserve. Mars is entering your sign this week, so you’ll have the confidence to do that. Five of Swords comes up for you, which means you will end up getting into an argument that will make you feel defeated if you don’t take care of the things you need to take care of right now. You do not want that. 

Virgo – Be careful because this week, the eclipse will bring you unnecessary drama. It’s best to minimize the use of social media, focus on your work, and avoid being dragged into other people’s business. Make a significant decision after Mars moves into Leo, but wait until after Mercury goes direct at the end of the month before you make any final decisions. The tarot card that comes up for you this week is the Two of Pentacles, which means you will have a lot to juggle and prioritize. Focus on your work and other responsibilities that you must have, and leave out the rest that is not necessary. 

Libra  – You will be able to stand up to anyone who angers you or puts you down in any way this week. If you were mistreated by a colleague or even a client, you would not hesitate to stand up for yourself. Diplomacy is something you’re born with. You will rant at them, but you will remind them not to do that again. The Chariot comes up for you, which means you will feel challenged to speak your mind, but nothing will stop you either, so you can achieve what you need. 

Scorpio – This is a beautiful week to be proud of all your accomplishments and to be proud of who you are. Utilize the tools you have at your disposal to upgrade yourself. You’ll be thinking about self-improvement by the end of the week! As soon as possible, it would help if you began using them.  The Eight of Pentacles comes up, which means that you will utilize your skills or even gain new ones to improve. 

Sagittarius – This week, you may feel insecure and self-doubting. There will always be a competitor who does something better than you. Despite not letting others see it, you will feel bad about it. Over time, you will learn how to upgrade some of your skills and overcome some of your feelings of imposter syndrome. The Moon tarot card comes up, which means this is a good time to do some shadow work since you have some issues plaguing you that are hidden. 

Capricorn – Keep your health by getting enough rest, practicing meditation, eating well, and staying hydrated throughout the week. It is easy for you to become lost in your work and responsibilities and not take care of yourself. The Queen of Cups reversed comes up, which doesn’t necessarily mean you are not there for others, but you are in significant need of self-care. 

Aquarius – You will need to be at your best behavior this week because the energies will not favor you. If you are tempted to pick petty fights, the last thing you want to do is upset a new client or friend you have recently met. Perhaps you should spend some time alone. The Three of Swords comes up, which does not necessarily mean that you will receive heartbreaking news, but you could inadvertently say something hurtful to someone, and it is time to oversee your words. 

Pisces – For your productivity and inner peace this week, limit your contacts to people you must work with and family members who respect your peace. You don’t want to be involved in petty fights and drama during this time. Engaging on an emotional level will cause plenty of inner disturbances. The Temperance is the card for you this week, which means you need to take it slow, be patient that energies will calm, and do everything in moderation. 

Gemini season is coming to an end, and Cancer season will begin late next week. Summer is just around the corner! Stay strong during such a dramatic week!


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