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There are a few transits to be aware of before Mercury enters Gemini again next week. Mercury in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn on June 10th, so nothing is noteworthy until then. As a result, you will have more responsibility, and the energies are favorable for you to take on a new lucrative client or get a promotion at work. But you don’t want to take on more than you can handle, and you also don’t want to overwhelm yourself with extra work. 

Venus in Taurus conjuncts Uranus in Taurus on Saturday, June 11th. A brand new lucrative client or some unexpected money may happen even though it is the middle of the weekend. If you don’t work during the weekend, you won’t see the client until next week. On the other hand, you must also avoid doing anything rash because it looks appealing. It is best not to take the first course you come across if you want to take a new one in something as it may not suit your needs and you could waste money. Plan ahead. Based on your sign and tarot pull, the rest of the week will be interesting to see.  

Aries – Three Of Wands

Make time this week to meet new professionals and expand your network. Even though you may be busy with work this week, you may be invited to some networking opportunities, leading to something better for you. 

Taurus – Ace Of Swords

It would be in your best interest to learn some money spells or magic through manifestation this week because you will be thinking about money a lot. Meditation is necessary for them, and you will want to do it daily. 

Gemini – Two Of Pentacles

One week from now, your ruler will go home in your sign. In the future, you may find that you can handle some extra responsibilities from your family and your work. Problem-solving will be easier this week than in the past. Though you will be busy, you will be able to handle it!

Cancer – Page Of Pentacles

If you have more clutter than you desire, you may feel the urge to clean your office and home. Clutter inhibits your ability to manifest more wealth, and you would be right as clutter is bad for Feng Shui. As a result, this is an excellent week to organize your space and clear clutter. 

Leo – Two Of Wands

If you write many posts all at once, this would be the perfect week to come up with some blog post topic ideas and even write some posts and schedule them for the future. Brainstorming and planning are in the cards for you this week, and that is why you want to take advantage of the time to do it. 

Virgo – Ten Of Pentacles

Energies around you have to do with you showing a keen interest in your ancestry. Additionally, you might have inherited the skills you seem to have been born with. By studying your family history, you can learn much about yourself. 

Libra – Three Of Cups

Would it be fun to do fun activities with your friends or colleagues? Enjoy a game of squash or Happy Hour with them this week. It’s an excellent week for you to bond with those in your professional and personal lives. 

Scorpio – Ace Of Cups

Your energies strongly suggest that you swim since it will benefit your overall health, and swimming may also refresh you, which will make you more productive. In addition, there is a good chance that you will be able to find a pool near you or that a community center will have one. 

Sagittarius – Four Of Wands

Would you be interested in hosting a get-together at your home for your coworkers or clients? If not, this is an excellent time to consider it. It is not necessary to invite everyone you work with, but rather those closest to you. Your reputation will also benefit. 

Capricorn – Six Of Cups Reversed

If you experience a deep-seated psychological issue this week, likely from your childhood, either at work or during a personal situation, be sure to take care of yourself. You will be better positioned to handle that possibility if you are prepared for it. 

Aquarius – Eight Of Wands

You will likely have an overseas client this week, and there may be an opportunity to meet with them overseas. Travel arrangements will probably be made this week for that meeting. There doesn’t seem to be a great chance of you flying overseas for that. 

Pisces – Nine Of Wands

Just as you did last week, you will have a lot of responsibilities this week. Nevertheless, you will be able to multitask more effectively and delegate duties that you do not need to perform. In addition, taking charge of what is on your plate this week may allow you to develop some reasonable problem-solving solutions. 

We will see Mercury enter Gemini next week and the Sagittarius Full Moon.

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