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As the Sun enters Cancer this week, you will be focused more on your family and home this week. Moreover, next month is Cancer’s birthday month, and Venus in Cancer will trine Neptune in Pisces, making it an excellent time to be creative and affectionate. Pets are incredibly affectionate towards their owners. Who could resist that after a long day at work?

You will soon be able to make plans, design projects, and put them into action, rather than dealing with the frustration of Mercury in retrograde as the retrograde ends on the 22nd. After it’s out of its shadow period, let it settle for a few weeks since there will still be some kinks. 

After that, the Sun will trine Jupiter in Pisces on the 23rd, meaning that you will feel incredibly generous, such as taking a colleague or client out to lunch or dinner. It is also possible to receive a bonus, which makes this an excellent way to make money. At the same time, Venus will oppose Pluto in Capricorn, so there will be some sort of power struggle that could cause jealousy. At this time, there may be a problem with competition, so be cautious. 

On the 24th, there will be a Capricorn Full Moon, which will highlight your personal and professional life. You may receive an award or be given additional responsibility. It is best not to take it all in at once, significantly since Neptune will move into retrograde the next day, making you tired and enhancing your intuition. However, it is also an excellent day for creativity since Venus will move into Leo on the 27th. We’ll see how the signs do this week. 

Aries – Transits this week will make you feel entirely giving, Aries. Some people think it isn’t necessary to take them out to eat. However, the information you provide will be accommodating as you will share some secrets about your success. Thus, others can benefit from it. The Six of Pentacles is the tarot card that comes up for you, and that also explains your benevolent nature, but don’t forget to allow others to give to you too. 

Taurus – You have a message you want to send to your networks. With Mercury going direct, the other transits happening, and the Full Moon, you will share something that will inspire others and make them think. It is also a good time to catch up on conversations you have been meaning to have for quite some time. The Page of Wands tarot card comes up for you so you want to look for inspiration around, and to share it with others as well!

Gemini – This week, money is on your mind, and the energies will highlight ways for you to save more, budget better, and find ways to earn more money. Due to the Full Moon’s influence, you will also have to deal with taxes, debts, and shared resources. The Two of Pentacles tarot card comes up for you which means you are going to do a lot of juggling this week. You are going to balance your checkbooks as well as priorities. It is a practical week for you. 

Cancer – As a Cancer, you are usually a generous person as you put a lot of yourself out there. This week, you’ll find yourself offering to host a dinner for those you work with or for your friends. During a party, never let your guests drag you into cleaning up their mess, even if they’re crashing on your couch. The Three of Cups comes up for you this week which is a message to enjoy your friendships and have fun with celebrations involving your friends. 

Leo – Due to the Full Moon, you will finally find that the project that you have been working on for some time will be completed quickly. In addition to boosting your creativity, the energies this week can improve your work output and productivity. The ease with which things come to you will feel much better than struggling for a while. The Chariot tarot card comes up for you which means you are unstoppable even in the face of obstacles this week. 

Virgo – The week ahead will bring to light anything that confuses or makes you feel insecure. As such, you should face them and do your best to handle them. You may also encounter someone you find manipulative, in which case you might need a third party to mediate the conflict. Your problem person either comes from a professional environment or is a family member. The card that comes up for you this week is the Five of Swords reversed. Since you have a reversal of the conflict card, you will be able to resolve the issue with them. That is good news. 

Libra – This week, you may be the victim of someone’s envy due to your success. Your secret competitor or the enemy may be watching you without your knowledge. Carry black tourmaline to ward off negativity. Also, you will be able to adopt a more creative approach to your work and personal life. the Seven of Wands comes up which means you will want to protect anything that is yours, your hard work, and your creations from any competitor that is spying on you. 

Scorpio – The energies will help you accomplish a lot, but you may need a mental vacation at the same time. Do not allow yourself to become burnt out. During this week, take extra care of yourself and pay attention to how you feel. It can be as simple as reading a favorite novel with relaxing music playing in the background. The Empress tarot card comes up which signifies to nurture yourself as you do the same for others. 

Sagittarius – You will be extra generous this week since your ruling planet is highly influential. Moreover, you will put a lot of creativity into your work. You will also be able to assume new responsibilities regarding money. You will get promoted, but you must focus on your commitments. Financial obligation excellent may be required of you. The Four of Pentacles comes up, so perhaps what you need to focus on this week is saving your money and living more of a frugal lifestyle. 

Capricorn – This week, you will not repress your emotions, even though you often do so because it’s in your nature to do so. You can no longer deny how envious you are of someone you find to be more successful than you, but you will stop holding back negative emotions. If you feel resentment or anger, you won’t be able to keep them to yourself anymore. Do not be afraid to cry and journal your feelings. Consequently, your productivity may suffer, but releasing these emotions is essential so that you can get back on track.  The Hermit tarot card comes up which not only suggests being introspective as you examine your emotions but it is a good week to talk to a therapist to look for guidance on how to work with it. 

Aquarius – You may feel compelled to decorate your home office, and you may be drawn to art. Don’t be surprised if you pick up a picture for your home office while you’re at the art gallery. You can also simply design it differently. However, you are open to a creative change in your work environment.  The Seven of Cups comes up for you which suggests that you will be faced with a lot of decorative options and don’t allow it to overwhelm you. Step back and choose a few art pieces and stick to those for the time being. 

Pisces – This is the time you want to put the past behind you and look forward to the future. A combination of Mercury going direct and the Full Moon’s energy may have triggered this. You mustn’t look back, so keep your eye on what you want to manifest and make good use of the powerful energies that can help you do it. The Ace of Pentacles comes up which means this is the ideal week for manifestation, and look forward to something new that you can create. 

How can June be almost over? As far as energy is concerned, July will also be very busy!


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