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One of the most challenging transits of the year involves Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus. It represents the struggle between clinging to the past and the Universe encouraging you to move forward. Because of this, the energies will be tense and rigid, and you will feel repressed by them. Due to Saturn’s retrograde state, you will have to examine what you hold on to and refuse to remove. Why do you stay in a job you dislike even though you don’t like it?

As of June 20th, the Sun will move into Cancer (Happy Birthday to Cancer), making it the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere and the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere. So, now is the time to focus on your family and less on your ambitions (though it doesn’t mean you should give them up). Jupiter in Pisces will also retrograde until October 18th. Therefore, you will find that growth is slow now, and you may make less money than before the retrograde. You can use this time to reflect on how you can improve your career. We’ll see how the rest of the week goes. 

Aries – This week’s transits encourage you to think about who you keep on your social media networks. Some of your connections may not be good for you, so you should clean them up. Your personal and professional lives are affected in more ways than you realize. It would be best if you surrounded yourself with only those who inspire you. The Five of Cups tarot card comes up for you this week which means someone in your networks will inevitably disappoint you for one reason or another. That may fuel you to keep those at bay which will bring you down, especially right now. 

Taurus – You will be reflecting on what you wanted to be when you grew up. Now that you are an adult, it is scarce to follow your childhood dreams. Nevertheless, you may decide to implement some things you said in your youth by leaving a legacy. You’ll think about that this week. The Six of Cups comes up for you this week, which is a time to be nostalgic and find anything useful that you can remember from your earlier days to implement in the future. 

Gemini – You will change your mind this week about your beliefs. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your spiritual beliefs or business beliefs; what you believed for a long time may no longer resonate with you. You will be experiencing an inner tug of war this week as a result. When  Mercury goes out of retrograde, you will be able to see your new beliefs. You have the Temperance tarot card for you this week, which means you must be patient with yourself while facing this. 

Cancer – You’ve been struggling with your boundaries a lot lately. Your colleagues, friends, and family have taken advantage of you. Perhaps you consider that you worked overtime for little pay so that a colleague could go on vacation. This week, you will explore your boundaries and find a way to strengthen them. You will learn this week that you are not a doormat and how to improve your limits. The Moon tarot card comes up, which means you are called to do some shadow work. That is necessary for you to do as it will help you discover why you struggle with boundaries. 

Leo – How honest are you with yourself? You will be challenged to examine that this week. There will be areas in your life where you are not living and speaking your truth. Do you currently work in a field that does not make you particularly happy, but you convince yourself that it does because you are afraid of making changes? In that case, you’ll have to deal with the issue more this week. What will you do? You will live and speak your truth this week and for a while. The Devil tarot card comes up, which points to obsessions that warn you that you may struggle to be honest with yourself because of obsessively hanging onto beliefs that don’t serve you. 

Virgo – Do not set any new goals this week, as the situation will be confusing. Please write down the things you want to accomplish instead, and then create a plan to achieve them when transits are more favorable. It is not the right week for it. The Hermit tarot card, which is the card that you associate with, is the one for you this week, so it is the best time to be reflective and introspective. 

Libra – How do you feel about your workload? Take on too many projects? That is why you feel overwhelmed in the air. Your Mercury is still retrograde, which is another reason why you have difficulty focusing on old projects even though now is a good time to do so. Maybe now is the time to drop some and put others off until later so you can focus on the necessary ones. The Nine of Wands comes up for you, which means you can push through difficult projects that you need to focus on this week if you put your mind to it. Don’t take on more than you need. 

Scorpio – You can now clearly see that the old method of doing things no longer works. However, your creativity is soaring. Consequently, you know you should make some changes, but you can also show originality. Consider changing the way you communicate and the way your website looks. The Ace of Swords comes up for you, which means to prepare yourself for a eureka moment or a breakthrough this week. 

Sagittarius – Your daily routine will change, and you now have the power to decide how it will look. That is excellent news for you if you work from home on your schedule. During the day, you can choose different times to get some personal care if you haven’t been able to yet. The Three of Cups comes up, which means it is a great time to socialize with your friends, which is a great self-care strategy for the week. 

Capricorn – You are struggling with this square this week because your ruler is involved. You have worked too hard and aren’t pleased with your rewards, as you acknowledge. If you work smarter rather than harder, you will have more free time and freedom in your life. Once you admit there is a problem, you have to figure out how to solve it! The Magician comes up for you this week which means you will need to tap into your resources and skills to solve problems and manifest something you need. 

Aquarius – This week, you are at odds with your planets. Why is this important to you? Eventually, you will want to move, renovate, or change your living and working environments. Will you follow through? Mercury is retrograde during this period, so it’s best to avoid it. Even so,  you may need to make a significant change this week! The Judgment card comes up, which suggests you will have some sort of awakening this week that will shift your views. That can help your future decisions as well. 

Pisces – You may suddenly find that you are doing plenty of shadow work without even realizing it. Something is holding you back from achieving your full potential, and this week’s square is making you know that you must dig deep within yourself to find out what is blocking you. The Page of Wands is the card for you this week which means somewhere along the line; you will find some inspirational message that will influence you to do this shadow work for self-improvement, 

It has been quite a week! Soon Mercury goes direct, and you will notice that things start to ease, and you can look forward to a bit of a break. For now, however, hang in there because there is no other choice. 

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