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Mercury enters Gemini on Monday, June 13th. So let’s start enjoying life again once Mercury enters Gemini! Take a day off from work if you can and go on a mini-vacation or take some time off for this day is a good day to take a day off. You also do not want to take on too many tasks because you will not accomplish anything if you end up doing that. 

There will be a Full moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday, June 14th. You may even consider throwing the first summer party for your colleagues or friends since it is a highly sociable Full Moon. However, don’t stay up too late, or you’ll regret going back to work the next day. This is a great time to speak your truth, but try not to be too blunt if you don’t want a party or a get-together. 

In addition, on Thursday, June 16th, the Sun in Gemini trines Saturn in Aquarius. The timing is perfect for starting a major project that will take time, energy, and commitment. By focusing on the essential tasks, you will be able to get them done well. 

A square between the Sun in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces occurs on the same day. Therefore, it is possible to have misunderstandings, embarrassing situations, and deep insecurities on this day. Because of this, it is best to stick to the tasks you need to accomplish and refrain from making any important decisions while you do them. 

Venus in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius on Saturday, June 18th. It is possible to lose a client or receive bad news at work. Naturally, you will get upset, but remember to ground yourself and remind yourself that this issue won’t last forever.  

Venus in Taurus sextiles Neptune in Pisces on June 19th. The present is the best time to develop a creative marketing plan or develop a new idea for a project you are currently tackling. You should avoid going on a shopping spree today as you will spend more than you intended and end up regretting it later. Let’s see how the signs do this week in addition to the tarot card that comes up for each one. 

Aries – Three Of Pentacles

This would be an ideal week for attending different work functions or forming a joint venture if that is something you are interested in. You will be in the right frame of mind to stick to your commitment if you decide to form a joint venture with someone or form a group. 

Taurus – Eight Of Pentacles

Even if you doubt it, you’re a good multitasker, and you may find that someone compliments you on that. However, having discovered that you can handle multiple tasks better than you think, you may wonder how you can improve your multitasking abilities since you also like to be the one in control of many things since being in charge is in your nature. 

Gemini – Star

Your ruler is in your sign will make this week feel like a breath of fresh air. Due to this, you will have the confidence to say exactly what you need to say, and you will not hesitate to write emails or give speeches if necessary. The retrograde has stressed you out more than you had anticipated, so that you will need a short vacation this week. The Full Moon also aids those aspects. 

Cancer – Nine Of Wands

You may receive a bonus or take on a temporary position to increase your pay this week. Just remember not to overwork yourself. Nevertheless, this week’s energy for a little more money in your bank account looks promising. 

Leo – Ace Of Wands

You’ll find that your marketing sense is stronger this week, and you’re more creative. It is also possible to be tempted to steal ideas from your competitors. Having your own spin on it is OK if you don’t make it too obvious. You will be fine as long as you’re creative. 

Virgo – Ten Of Wands

It may not be ideal for you to take any holidays this week. During this week, you might find that it pours at work and home when it rains. There are likely to be more work demands, and at the same time, you will likely have more family responsibilities. You may need a new appliance. If you burn out in any way, you will not be able to accomplish anything. 

Libra – Two Of Pentacles Reversed

Work may overwhelm you this week, preventing you from enjoying what you want. During the Full Moon, you will find that you have put your priorities in the wrong areas, as you do not give yourself enough time for enjoyment, and you work too hard for monetary gain. Money is nice, but if working for it does not bring you joy, and you are working so much that it stresses you out, then it will not bring you happiness. 

Scorpio – Nine Of Swords

Your mental health may be affected this week as you may be focusing on situations that cause anxiety and stress, causing you to lose productivity and sleep. During the Full Moon, you will discover that being around those who will support you is more important than those who deliberately drain you. Give attention to supportive people and limit the time and energy you spend on those who add to your stress. 

Sagittarius – Page Of Swords

Due to the Full Moon being in your sign, you will not be shy with what you say to your co-workers, clients, friends, and family. However, do not say anything to those you don’t care about, as you could get yourself in trouble, especially in a professional setting. 

Capricorn – Five Of Pentacles

Taxes and debt are among the stressors, and maybe some investments you have are not doing too well right now. It would be best to remain calm, and the Full Moon will bring all of these issues to light. Getting upset will only cause more problems. 

Aquarius – Lovers

You would have to commit to the work they require if you were to acquire an overseas client. Even if you didn’t get the client, make sure you do some extra work this week and don’t let anyone take advantage of you. Don’t let anyone overburden you with responsibilities if you cannot handle them. There’s more to life than work. 

Pisces – Five Of Swords

Someone may have mistaken you for doing something terrible, or it may happen, but only you will care. It might make you embarrassed and overly hard on yourself. However, you need not worry about your reputation being hurt. You should never forget that no one is perfect and that if anyone judges you for it, they are not perfect. 

The Cancer season begins next week as the spotlight moves from Gemini to Cancer. 


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