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As a Cancer New Moon occurs on the 9th, there will be some creative bursts. There will be a strong desire to do something productive and enjoyable, which may be related to your career. Regardless of whether you’re feeling inspired by a new hobby or to go on a family trip, you may get an idea. Your emotional sensitivity and intuition will be enhanced as Mercury moves into Cancer on the 11th. 

Your friends and family will be the most important support system during this time, as Mercury in Cancer indicates. During this time, it is also a good idea to reflect on your goals and plans and perhaps adjust them if necessary. However, you can only do that if your current projects do not help you as you had hoped. This week, I will watch each sign to see how it performs. 

Aries – You will discover that after last week’s tough week, your mood has improved significantly, and you have more energy than before. As a result, your creative juices will be flowing, allowing you to make changes to your websites and social media platforms. The tarot card for you this week is the Ace of Wands which means your passion and creative juices are flowing to start something new. 

Taurus – This New Moon will strengthen your practical skills, which will make you more efficient at multitasking. Moreover, you can make plans much faster, which will help you achieve specific dreams or goals that you otherwise would not have been able to reach. Aside from that, your thinking will become clearer. The Eight of Pentacles comes up which means you will be honing some skills and even learning some new ones to help you down the road. 

Gemini – Something you have long desired will begin to materialize in your life soon, Gemini. This will increase your optimism for the rest of the week as you see it happening. To help manifest all the other things you desire, your creative juices will flow. Ace of Pentacles shows that you have it within you to manifest something new!

Cancer – Mercury’s influence allows you to deal with them appropriately without being too emotional. You have the New Moon in your sign and Mercury is moving into your sign. As a result, you will be more logical and emotionally strong to handle more challenging situations. For example, it may be that you disagree with a colleague or client. However, you will feel able to deal with them appropriately without getting too emotional. Temperance is the tarot card that comes up for you, and that means you are patient with yourself. 

Leo – It looks like you have had to do a considerable amount of decluttering in order to clear space for the new. There will probably be an increase in work responsibilities this week, as well as perhaps at home. The extra work you have this week will be manageable for you. The tarot card that comes up for you is the Two of Pentacles, and that indicates that you will need to prioritize and organize yourself, and items. 

Virgo – A week ago, you needed privacy. Start interacting with others and stop being a hermit. The best thing you can do this week is to talk to customers and colleagues. It may be a good idea as well to plan a business trip. The Three of Cups comes up which means you want to take this opportunity to enjoy good times with some friends. 

Libra – This week, consider attending a retreat to help you grow. As an alternative, you might want to attend a yoga or Tai Chi class. Your focus during this month can be on recharging your batteries so you can take on more challenges. The Nine of Wands comes up which means you will want to look at ways to manage the stress that comes with your hard work so you are not on the verge of giving up. Hence, this week’s horoscope is essential to follow. 

Scorpio – Your chances of making a good impression on others are good this week, and that will be the case for most of the month. Or you could take advantage of stars at home to entertain your loved ones. You may be able to assist someone by giving some free advice. You might find that useful not too far in the future. The Six of Pentacles comes up for you. Therefore, you will want to give something of yourself to help others such as your time, your advice, or make a donation. 

Sagittarius – You are probably stressed due to issues relating to someone you were angry with last week. This week, finding balance is imperative. Take a short trip to reset yourself or take some time off to start practicing yoga or meditation again. The Four of Swords comes up which means it is essential to take some time to rest as it is important for your emotional state. 

Capricorn – The stars encouraged you to be grateful to those who have helped you. You wish to express your gratitude for your achievements. When you see how far you have come, you’ll feel encouraged to do even better! The Four of Wands comes up which means you will want to celebrate your achievements and enjoy a dinner out. 

Aquarius – Work this week is slow. Enjoy this time to reconnect with friends, family, and loved ones. It will take you fewer hours to get back to work after you have done that. The Six of Cups comes up which means you want to get in touch with your inner child this week and enjoy some time going back to doing some activities you liked when you were younger. 

Pisces – You were concerned about your wardrobe last week. Your goal this week is to plan a good getaway excursion. This week, it’s recommended for most signs. It includes you as well. It’s becoming exhausting juggling work and life. Therefore, you should take a break. The Six fo Swords comes up, so why not go on a water-based excursion? Go to the cottage by the lake and rent a boat. 

So, this week is more about planning than doing anything other than taking some much-needed breaks. Next week, you will have even more creative opportunities!


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