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So far, I hope you are enjoying the Leo season. On July 27th, Mercury enters Leo, intensifying the Leo-like energies around us. Thus, having a boost in creativity as well as being able to be authentic. As a result, you’ll have an easier time expressing yourself and getting your thoughts out. Although you should avoid becoming vain and arrogant, you should use your words to encourage others. 

Jupiter is retrograding back into Aquarius on the 28th so that you may experience problems with your network and with some people within it. You can then find out why there are issues since you may feel envious of others in your network. It would help if you also considered the causes that are important to you. You will need to reflect on the groups you are a part of if you want to share your talents down the road. 

In addition, Mars and Jupiter are in Leo and Aquarius degrees, respectively, which means they are in opposition, making you more competitive. During this period, you may encounter issues within your network. 

The 29th marks the entry of Mars into Virgo, meaning you will become more organized and productive, as well as more committed to your work. You will be good at solving problems, but try not to take on too much. 

Aries – In addition to feeling more productive at work, starting a new fitness regimen will motivate you to do so. But some of that pandemic weight gain is beginning to take hold, and you don’t want anyone commenting on your weight gain when you start going on business trips or attending conventions again. The Ace of Wands comes up as your tarot card this week, and this is a sign that you will find some inspiration that will help you start a new active regimen. 

Taurus – If you are presented with several new career opportunities, it might be exciting, but you do not like change, so you might not pursue any of them. Although you might feel like an imposter, you don’t want a good position meant for you to be taken by someone else. Therefore, there are many things to consider this week. Are you going to explore new options? The Seven of Cups comes up, a tarot card representing plenty of choices being presented towards you. That can overwhelm you, so choose your options carefully and evaluate them by going over the pros and cons. 

Gemini – You’ll talk to many people this week, and you’ll establish many connections. Consequently, your competitive nature may be triggered since someone in your network might steal your idea. Despite the temptation, you should not confront them. Instead, it would help if you expanded your ideas in a way that exceeds the capabilities of those in your network. The Seven of Swords comes up for you, and that is a sign that you need to come up with a plan for yourself in a strategic way, but don’t do so at anyone’s expense. 

Cancer – During this week, the focus is on money, and you’re still deciding how to deal with debts and taxes and how to make more money. This week’s main challenge is to develop a plan to work with your creditors regarding any financial issues you may have. As a result, you do not feel as restricted as you did earlier this month, so you can begin to create a budgeting action plan. The Five of Pentacles reversed is the card for you, which means you will find a resolution to your debt and find a way to manage any large expenses. 

Leo – Because you don’t feel threatened by your competitors, and you’re not hesitant to speak your mind, you have a strong confidence boost this week. Despite this, you want to be careful not to cause damage to your professional or personal relationships due to some challenging aspects of your sign. Therefore, words should be carefully chosen. During this week, you’ll also consider ways to accumulate more wealth. Finally, the Seven of Wands comes up for you, which means you will want to keep fighting and protecting what is yours and the work you accomplished. 

Virgo – You will find yourself adding to your to-do list as the week progresses, but you should be careful not to overextend yourself, as this is a tendency of yours. Don’t work long hours if you can. Instead, relax when you can by taking a walk in nature. The Empress comes up, which is a sign that you need to nurture yourself, and being in nature is a great thing to do for yourself. 

Libra – This week, you’ll do your taxes, throw a few parties, take it easy, relax, and focus on what you need to do. In the long run, you will be less affected by the fierce competition around you since you will mainly focus on conserving energy. The urge to explore a new hobby may, however, come to you. The Ace of Cups comes up, suggesting that you will find a new hobby that you begin to love!

Scorpio – You will go to great lengths to get something that matters to you. You can expect to meet with higher-ups this week and defend a cause that’s important to you. Your customers may become resentful of you because you don’t charge them enough, and you have to let them know you’ll be increasing your prices. Getting what you want is not a problem for you, but this week will be uncomfortable. The Wheel of Fortune comes up for you, suggesting that there will be some sort of the change in direction this week. 

Sagittarius – You’ll be ready to learn something new this week, and if you’ve been working on a creative project, now is a good time to publish or release it. Several career and business concerns will also arise for you, and you may feel that you are at a crossroads regarding one or the other. By the end of the week, you will be weighed down by this. The King of Cups comes up for you, which is a reminder to keep your emotions contained and deal with issues that arise without letting your emotions get in the way.

Capricorn – Money and investments are excellent topics for you to focus on this week, as the energies are perfect for making the most of them. In addition, you will gain more confidence in manifesting abundance. With this week’s support, you have the tools necessary to explore how to go about implementing your creative ideas. The Three of Wands comes up, suggesting some sort of collaboration will be a fruitful one for you. 

Aquarius – As Jupiter returns to your sign this week, you will feel more confident in the face of some difficulties with your finances and debt. By letting go of the past once and for all, you can also open yourself up to many new possibilities. In addition, Temperance comes up, which means if you go into a zen state of mind, you will find that new cool things will come your way. 

Pisces – You will develop your intuition and creativity. As a result, you should record your dreams in your dream journal and find symbols in them that correspond to their meanings. It’s also the perfect time to finish any important projects. If there is anything you want to accomplish, this is the week to do it. The World comes up, which means you will likely complete a cycle of some sort, which is always a good thing!

In August, we will see you! This concludes your July horoscope forecast. 

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