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On Tuesday, July 26, Mercury in Leo squares Mars in Taurus. On that day, energies are combative and paranoid, causing conflicts. Do not start new projects or negotiate. Things will only get worse if you do this. 

On Thursday, July 28, there will be a New Moon in Leo. A new moon is a wonderful time to start a new creative project, bringing out the child in you. As Jupiter retrogrades in Aries on the same day, it can teach you some tough lessons to bruise your ego. As you become more self-aware and mature over the next four months, your focus will shift to your inner self. A square between Mercury in Leo and Uranus in Taurus occurs on the same day. This destructive element often wreaks havoc for no other reason than to burn bridges. During this transit, you will want to rely on the energy of the New Moon.

Mercury in Leo will oppose Saturn in Aquarius in the following days on Saturday, July 30. Beware of self-destructive people during this individualistic stage. Keeping to yourself is best. The Sun in Leo trines Jupiter in Aries on Sunday, July 31. During the solar transit, you have the opportunity to shine and achieve success. Keep your boasts to a minimum to avoid drama. On this day, the energies of Saturday remain powerful. Now let’s see how the signs do this week in addition to a tarot pull. 

Aries – Nine Of Wands

Your work and home will be tense, and you need to rely on yourself to get through it. Due to your zodiac sign, you naturally can do that. Despite this, the New Moon energies will allow you to rely on yourself this week as you confront the challenges. 

Taurus – Five Of Wands

It may be tempting to give someone the cold shoulder at work this week, or it might even be a neighbor who upsets you, but you have to remember one thing. Because of your reputation, you should hold back. Make sure you are cautious when arguing with someone who is spiteful. 

Gemini – Page Of Cups Reversed

You may have manifested or received a gift that works in your favor this week. On the other hand, if you show off, you will have the urge to argue and possibly even lose a relationship. You will not have good energy regarding emotions this week, so remain humble. 

Cancer – Star

This week’s Cancer theme is inner-child healing. While that takes a lot of time, the energy of the New Moon encourages you to focus on your inner child, so you can feel more secure and enjoy what you do and life in general. 

Leo – Ace Of Wands

Since it’s your season and the New Moon is in your sign, you’ll feel like you’re running the show this week. Do not let your ego get in the way, however. Instead, you can express yourself in captivating and fun ways by tapping into your creative and imaginative sides. That’s how successful marketing or blogging should be anyway. 

Virgo – Five Of Swords

As there is a good chance that someone will offend you or rub you the wrong way, you may begin to doubt your worth. You will wonder how valuable you are throughout your professional and personal life. We learn not to let people make us question our value or our skills because we must know that we are good enough as we are. As a business owner, you have clients; you have a job as an employee. Your work is valuable. 

Libra – Page Of Swords

If you take some time to read, whether it’s nonfiction, novels, or magazines, you can learn a lot. It’s exactly what your mind needs right now, which is why you’ll want to do it. You might be able to get some creativity flowing. So if you have some free time, read some good books. 

Scorpio – Ten Of Wands

It will be beneficial for you to do inner child work during this New Moon and other transits, just as it is for Cancer. We all have issues with our inner child for various reasons. In your case, it may take over more than you realize in weeks to come if you don’t begin now. 

Sagittarius – Hermit

There will be some shifts this week as your ruling planet goes retrograde. Your line of work may make you question whether you are satisfied with it. Unless you cannot stand your current career, that doesn’t mean you’ll be ready to leave it if it doesn’t. However, your work and life situation will become a little more enjoyable as you explore methods to improve them. 

Capricorn – Queen Of Cups Reversed

This week you won’t feel particularly benevolent since you’ll need to take care of yourself and your children. So don’t accept a favor if someone asks you to do one. Likewise, if you have more than enough on your plate, it’s best to say “no” when colleagues ask you to help them with a project. 

Aquarius – Ace Of Swords

The New Moon is in your opposing sign, which will affect your creative side, bringing you innovative ideas. Those who disagree with your thoughts should be cautious when responding to them. Feel free to be extra touchy and bold enough not to worry about burning bridges. An issue like that at work would be complex. 

Pisces – Judgment

The energies of the New Moon will encourage you to make some change within yourself, even if it isn’t related to your career. For example, having the urge to become a better version of yourself may motivate you to make a change such as weight loss or kicking a habit such as smoking. 

It’s the “Sunday of summer” next week when Mercury enters Virgo, which will help you think more practically and deal with the other upcoming transitions.


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