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Mercury in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn on Monday, July 18. You may become vengeful during this intense period due to betrayals and hurt feelings caused by power-hungry manipulations. During this time, be careful what you say and do.

On Tuesday, July 19, Mercury enters Leo. Mercury enters Leo, creating an exciting and dramatic tone in communication. Your speech will become more confident and expressive over the next two weeks, and your ideas will become more focused. It is a day when the Sun is in Cancer and Pluto is in Capricorn. Since the Sun’s light reveals hidden enemies and competitors stealing your ideas today, it is not the best time to strike back. Until then, wait.

The Sun entered the sign of Leo on Friday, July 22. A pleased birthday to you, Leo! For the next four weeks, the Sun will shine brightly in Leo. Therefore, you will have a lot of energy to take center stage. There is a playful, enthusiastic, and somewhat dramatic side to you. 

Mercury in Leo trines Jupiter in Aries on Saturday, July 23. Today is your day to lead, advance, and gain recognition. Don’t let your ego get out of hand. Otherwise, you’ll end up repelling others and damaging yourself. 

Jupiter in Aries and Venus in Cancer forms a square on Sunday, July 24. When people seem to have it all and pursue what they desire, it’s easy to be envious. It can also sting more confident people. Instead, find the motivation to pursue your goals by focusing on what you want.

Let’s take a look at how the signs do in addition to a tarot pull.  

Aries – Five Of Wands

Your ego will be challenged this week, whether it is a colleague who doesn’t like how you perform your work or a personal issue. To get through these situations, you must rely on your spiritual self. So this week, meditate a lot. 

Taurus – Queen Of Pentacles Reversed

This week, you will struggle to keep your ego in check and maybe a little more materialistic than usual. You may be motivated to make more money for the wrong reasons. When managing others at work, keep your ego in check by not bossing them around too much. It is also essential not to spy on your competitors unnecessarily. Yes, you want to be successful, but you must ask yourself why this week is so difficult. 

Gemini – Ace Of Pentacles

As a result of your ruler entering Leo, you are in an ideal position this week to manifest anything you desire. So this week is to get in touch with your emotions to go after what you truly want!

Cancer – Hermit

For you, Cancer, this week, meditation is essential as you need to declutter your mind, affecting your productivity more than you realize. You must meditate for at least 15 minutes daily, either in the morning or evening, depending on what works best for you. 

Leo – Magician

During this week’s focus on you, Leo, you should work on how you present yourself to others. Sometimes you come off as too strong or in a way that others don’t understand. So you should evaluate your communication, body language, and how you present yourself in every way. 

Virgo – Eight Of Pentacles

This week you will be evaluating your skills a lot, so you may consider taking some courses to improve them if you feel they are not advanced enough. In addition, you want to ensure your skillset is ideal for the industry you’re in since most industries change and progress. 

Libra – Knight Of Cups Reversed

You may feel jealous this week as you find that your colleagues or even those in your personal life seem to have it “better” than you. But, unfortunately, your thoughts lie to you, not the truth. So, for your envious feelings to be overcome, you must think of the things in life to be grateful for this week. 

Scorpio – Seven Of Swords

Even if a family member is part of your extended family, you may feel betrayed this week. This week, any family drama might negatively impact your productivity. To feel heard and seen, you must seek out support. 

Sagittarius – Three Of Cups

Socialization is your thing this week, as you will want to go out with your colleagues or friends and have dinners or cocktails with your colleagues or friends. Have some fun, and you will feel more replenished. 

Capricorn – Ten Of Wands

This week, take care not to burn out as you may feel compelled to work overtime or put in more effort than necessary. You may be trying to prove something to others for the wrong reasons. You don’t want to harm your mental health or deplete your physical reserves. Putting in the extra effort requires you to nourish yourself in all areas.

Aquarius – Three Of Pentacles

This week, it is essential to be mindful of anything with partnerships or working with others since your opposing sign has a lot of energy. If the opportunity arises, it may be better to collaborate with your colleagues rather than work solo. 

Pisces – Five Of Pentacles

The only thing you can do to get out of debt is to pay it off and, simultaneously, not stress over it all at once. You will attract more debt if you focus your energy on them. So focus on taking care of them and remain calm. 

Jupiter goes retrograde next week, and the New Moon is in Leo. So it is essential to be aware of those energies. 

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