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New Year’s greetings. The year 2021 is over, and now we are in 2022. On Jan 4th, Venus in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces. It is, therefore, an excellent day to focus on your creativity because it will be strong today. You can design for marketing, your website, or even your professional wardrobe. 

You may even possess enhanced intuition. However, there is a risk that you may fall into the trap of escapism with this aspect. Because of this, you should not drink today since it is not a good day to hold your liquor. 

On Jan 8th, the Sun conjuncts Venus in Capricorn. During this time, socializing is ideal. You can have a bite to eat or enjoy a cocktail with colleagues or even friends. In addition, today is an excellent day to manage your money, given the sign of this conjunction. At the same time, however, you will also be tempted to spend money. You should be cautious if you do, but you should be careful given the sign’s condition. Let’s see how your sign does based on the predictions and the tarot card that appears. 

Aries – Nine of Wands

The beginning of the new year has been rough for you, and it may have to do with issues with your kids, a sick spouse, or a family member that is affecting your motivation. You will find a way to deal with these issues in addition to work, but they won’t last forever. It could also mean you’re planning to move and change residences, which can also be stressful. 

Taurus –  Ace Of Cups

You may pick up a new hobby this week that can help you balance your work and personal lives. Maybe you feel it has been something you have been lacking over the last year, which is why you feel compelled to do it. That’s a great start to the new year. 

Gemini – Ace Of Pentacles

If you need to make some significant changes in your health, it has nothing to do with the new year. Instead, you can improve your performance and make yourself happier in all areas of your life by making positive health changes. Health is wealth, after all. 

Cancer – Two Of Cups

This week, Cancer, your theme is relationships. Relationships can be professional or personal. Those connected to you will teach you a lot, and you will find out who you need to set boundaries for and who you should give more of a chance before cutting them off. You may not like some people in your life just because you don’t know them well enough. 

Leo – Six Of Cups Reversed

During this week, you might find it challenging to do a task because it brings back traumatic memories. It might be childhood or past life trauma, but you will need to take time with this particular task. The best thing to do is to take your time with these tasks and not rush into them or else it will make it worse for you. 

Virgo – Temperance

Perhaps you are not as well-rounded as you think you are, so you might decide to either learn a new language or take a course on a spiritual topic. Both will benefit your professional and personal lives. However, whatever you do, be patient with yourself. 

Libra –  Emperor

You may find yourself in a leadership position this week, which will boost your confidence. Likely, you will also enjoy arranging events with your colleagues this week, as the aspects put you in a position to enjoy spending time with them during the week. 

Scorpio – Hermit

What would you like? That’s what you’ll be evaluating this week. What are your hopes and wishes for the year? After the holidays, you may have felt disoriented because you weren’t sure what you wanted. Now is the time to figure that out.

Sagittarius – Seven of Swords

This week you may discover a hidden enemy is acting as a competitor and has been trying for a while. It may be tempting to seek revenge or get even, but you need to be extra careful not to do that and use your inner tools to outwit them. You will have a lot of motivation to do so and the support of others to help you. 

Capricorn – Ten of Wands

As you are in the spotlight this week, you are under pressure. Other people are watching you perform, and you want to make sure that you deliver what you promise. However, be careful not to be too hard on yourself. Saying “no” to someone who expects too much of you is okay. 

Aquarius – Three Of Pentacles

You will be thinking about your finances, and since Jupiter is in the second house, you will be focusing on ways to increase your income instead of the lack. You may need the help of others for this. Of course, it is always possible to increase your revenue, but it is also a matter of getting into the habit of saving. 

Pisces – Four Of Cups

The holiday blahs may be to blame for your foggy mind. To sharpen your mind, it’s a good idea to get into the habit of reading every day. Scrolling mindlessly doesn’t count, but you can read that book you read a few years ago. 

There are new things to do now that the new year has begun!


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